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Makeup quotes and sayings you should hear

Makeup quotes and sayings you should hear

Makeup quotes? Okay, we have some for you. These are some brainy things famous people have said about makeup, its power, usefulness, and purpose. If you have at least once tried wearing good makeup, you will know what they mean!

Makeup quotes and sayings you should hear

Clever thoughts about makeup

Makeup is a thing many girls and women wear from time to time or regularly or constantly. Every one of them has her own reasons for doing it. Every one of them has her own point of view at the makeup. Tyra Banks says in one of her most motivational makeup quotes that she simply loves the sense of confidence she gets when she wears makeup. One of the reasons, why not?

Makeup quotes and sayings you should hear

Tyra Banks

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A good makeup is a real delight for a woman who feels like a beauty queen while wearing it. However, reading some inspirational and uplifting quotes and sayings about the good makeup and its power or about having no makeup and the sense of freedom this choice brings has a similar effect! Let’s together check out several makeup sayings every girl should hear!

Inspirational sayings about makeup

Makeup quotes and sayings you should hear
  • The prettiest makeup a woman can wear is her passion. Yet, cosmetics are cheaper and can be bought. – Yves Saint-Laurent
  • Underneath my makeup and behind my smile I am a simple girl who is wishing for the world. – Marilyn Monroe
  • To me, beauty means feeling comfortable in one’s own skin. Otherwise, a flaming red lipstick can do it. – Gwyneth Paltrow
  • A woman can’t be ugly. If she is, then, she’s too lazy for doing makeup.- Helena Rubinstein
  • Once my dad used to say that makeup is what only shallow girls do. In fact, it’s not. It’s weapon and defense. – Courtney Summers
  • Lipsticks are made of magic. They are not simply a piece of wax and color. A lipstick is a brilliant smile, a wonderful day, and all the other wonders. – Roberta Gately
  • Please, please, for the Lord’s sake, use less of the eyeliner, of course, unless you are making it up for singing in Rigoletto. – Cheryl Cory
Makeup quotes and sayings you should hear
  • The main purpose of using makeup is to defeat the time and degradation. The time here is a complete synonym for dying. – Dean Koontz
  • It’s not true that I do makeup for other people to see. It’s like decorating my home, which I neither do for any strangers. Everything I do is done for me and myself. – Amanda Lovelace
  • Makeup is another means for your self-expression. If you are a woman, it doesn’t mean that you should not use any of those means or be limited in any ways. Everybody should have the freedom of being as colorful as they wish. – Ian Thomas Malone
  • My makeup is my experience combined with my genes. – Ifeoluwa Egbetade
  • All the way women have to paint dark their eyelashes, coat their skin with creams and their noses with powder to hide the shining, renew the layer of lipstick on their lips ends up when they need to remove all this for the night. It so reminds of the Sisyphus rolling his stone up the slope and then watching it rolling down to start it all over again. – Johanna Sinisalo
  • The makeup you are wearing is not a mask that hides your beauty underneath. The makeup is a tool that helps you show your inner personality on your face. – Michelle Phan
  • I am a fashion lover. I love to change my hair and my makeup, my style and everything else. All these things I have done in the past have made me the woman I am now. – Victoria Beckham
Makeup quotes and sayings you should hear
  • The main idea of makeup is balancing all the parts. When eyes are about to make a statement, it’s better for lips to keep silent. – Francois Nars
  • What’s the difference between makeup and accessories? There is none, each of them is an embellishment for the beauty of your face. Every morning, standing in front of the mirror and doing your makeup, accentuating your beauty, you give yourself the moment of self-love. – Michelle Phan
  • It doesn’t matter whether I wear no makeup or lots of it: inside me, I’m the same person all the time. – Lady Gaga
  • I think that natural look without any makeup is the best look ever but if you are an artist, it’s a perfect way to transform yourself at any moment. – Marina and the Diamonds
  • Wearing makeup is simply extending a personality. All those colors, makeup and clothes are able to express a certain message. – Gene Simmons
  • Why not use makeup if it can make a woman look beautiful at any age. – Francois Nars
  • Lord be my witness, happiness is the best makeup ever! – Drew Barrymore
  • I can feel beautiful even if I don’t wear any makeup. Yet, when I do, it’s like an extra boost for me. – Cardi B
Makeup quotes and sayings you should hear

Cardi B

  • As for me, makeup, beauty, and color are that finishing touch, which is necessary in everything. – Marc Jacobs
  • To look natural is the best choice but it requires some makeup to look natural. – Calvin Klein
  • One can do any possible makeup but there’s no makeup to make one’s soul more beautiful. – Kevyn Aucoin
  • The way your dress, makeup and hair is done is surely able to tell who you are before you open your mouth. We can’t change the way the first impression speaks about us. – Colleen Atwood
  • I wouldn’t claim that makeup can change your life or, what’s more, change the entire world. Still, it may help you discover something about yourself that you would have never known otherwise. – Kevyn Aucoin
  • I feel the most attractive when it comes to lingerie and I wear no makeup and my hair isn’t done at all. – Irina Shayk
  • I just love the artificial beauty, dressing up and doing your makeup and hair in the most artificial way. – Dita Von Teese
  • I’m not a supermodel and neither am I a makeup artist. Still, I’m a regular woman and I love getting the best of everything I possess. – Victoria Beckham
Makeup quotes and sayings you should hear
  • I’m not wearing my makeup all the way. Only when I want to it’s a good reason to have a great time and fun with my friends while painting nails and picking clothes. – Emma Watson
  • While I have my blush, I don’t need to put on any additional makeup. – Victoria Justice
  • With all the makeup I wear, my hair and all those colors I set incredible trends and don’t even fully understand how influential I am. – Kylie Jenner
  • Makeup is an artistic tool and a form of art. It’s not that you use it to feel more beautiful or because you hate your natural look. – Zendaya
  • Honey, I’m planning to go to my grave with all my makeup on and also with my lashes. – Tammy Faye Bakker
  • The very first reason why I started doing makeup for other people was my hope. I hoped that helping people see how beautiful they were I would find the beauty inside me. – Kevyn Aucoin
  • One day I believed that I was pretty and started wearing all the colors I liked, all the makeup that helped me feel pretty, and it worked. Don’t worry about the way people perceive you but focus on what you see. – Gabourey Sidibe
Makeup quotes and sayings you should hear

Gabourey Sidibe

  • My favorite element of a makeup is eyebrows. They work like a frame for the face, they are just so important. – Callie Hernandez
  • I have a range of personal things that I would hate to show to other people: no makeup, crying or so. Yet, I need to show it to my fans that they don’t need to be perfect to make their dreams come true. Nobody is perfect in reality. – Katy Perry

So, this was a small collection of makeup quotes and also clever thoughts about makeup. No matter how you see makeup, you may find here inspiration for both wearing makeup and not wearing it. You need to remember one thing: everything is inside you and makeup is only a way to express what you are thinking or feeling, not a thing that steals your natural beauty.

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