Opinion: Safarigirl lists 8 life lessons to learn from BBNaija 2018

Opinion: Safarigirl lists 8 life lessons to learn from BBNaija 2018

Editor's note: In this piece, Safarigirl, shares life lessons people can learn from the recently concluded Big Brorther Naija 2018.

Safarigirl listed eight lessons that Nigerians can learn from the behaviour and strategies put in place by housemates of the recently concluded BBNaija show.

Safarigirl shared the list of the lesson in a descending order. Read below:

8. Pride Goes Before A Fall

Case Study: Teddy A

"How can viewers vote for Nina and CeeC and not Bambam?"

"Miracle and Nina are obviously the weakest pair"

"I am the Alphamale in this house"

Teddy A had an ego to rival Zlatan Ibrahimovic's....but not the achievements to match. Teddy was the male antagonist of this show; proud and boisterous, he elevated himself in the house, forgetting that viewers had the ultimate say and not him. He looked down on his fellow HMs multiple times, until he was humbled by eviction.

Sometimes, we look down on people perceived to be beneath us, forgetting that it is God that elevates us. A perceived weakling, might turn out to be stronger than the perceived strong person. Never put yourself on a pedestal, stay humble, after all, in the words of Efe "Who I Be?"

7. Never Play Safe

Case Study: Rico Swavey

Rico was one character that didn't leave much of a lasting impression on viewers aside the fact that he was a good-looking guy who could cook. He had no outstanding moments in the house, always staying in the shadows and choosing not to ruffle any feathers

At a point, viewers found him a cunning character, it also didn't help that he barely came up, so, when he finally did, he was easy to discard of.

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Never relegate yourself to the background, always find a way to stand out. The actors will always be remembered, but the spectators will be no more than a face in the crowd

6. Everyone Needs A Good Fixer

Case Study: Bella Nwadiora (CeeC) & Nina's Sister.

Olivia Pope might be the best fixer in all of Washington, but on BBNaija, we witnessed a real FIXER- Bella Nwadiora, the sister of CeeC. Bella Nwadiora is touted as a lady who has worked harder than Buhari this year

Bella had the arduous task of defending CeeC on the outside, she had the mountainous job of making a Bitter Demon, look like a Misunderstood Angel and she pulled it off! CeeC owes her large fan base to her sister's incredible ability to spin everything her way. Bella was never on the attack, she played the defense, she explained away CeeC's behaviour, she got people to love her, flaws and all. She did not need to even drag the other HMs to hell and back.

Switch things up, and you have Nina's sister, who was not so gifted in the art of spinning stories. Nina's sister resorted to attacking personalities, rather than explaining a personality. She was always on the attack, always ready to blame others for her sister's shortcomings, quick to attribute everything to her naivete and her age....none of which worked eventually as Nina was never able to stand out of Miracle's shadow

In the same vein, it is necessary that we have a good fixer close by when we need one. You may not always have the opportunity to clean up your mess yourself, so, just hope you have the right support to do it for you

5. Experience Is The Best Teacher

Case Study: Team Teddy A and Team Tobi

One of the things I always stick by, is that one should always test their strengths in certain areas before they embark on them. Don't go into a business without foreknowledge of it, don't put your money on a MAYBE.

The greatest undoings of Teams Teddy A and Tobi is that they assumed they had the fan base to pull through. They did not work on established strengths, but on assumed strengths.

This assumption, led to Teddy A's eviction and eventually, to Tobi coming third. If they had gotten the requisite experience, they would have known where they stood with the fans and would have known how best to vote. This particularly goes for Team Tobi, they had been relaxing too much, and so, when the finals came, they didn't have a proper idea on how best to share the funds for voting, they weren't as prepared as Team Miracle and Team CeeC, who had all the voting experience required to push their favs

Experience is always the best teacher.

4 As Much As You Can, Mind Your Business

Case Study: Miracle, Tobi, Alex

Miracle is one HM who took full advantage of this saying. Miracle's MYB game was so on point, he should write a book about it. He kept away from conflicts between HMs, he always focused on himself and the task at hand, he took care to never be caught in a gossip session. He withdrew himself from quarrels and shouting sessions....hell, mans could walk past two people going at each other, and he wouldn't say a word.

This uncanny ability kept him away from unnecessary confrontations, and by extension, enemies. He was always straightforward, always said things as he felt it, not as someone wanted it to be. He no dey look Uche face

Tolex on the other hand, had a thing for making other people's business theirs. They spoke about everybody, called out some people, got into other people's confrontations and inevitably, made unnecessary enemies.

Minding Your Business is key. It will take you far. It helped Miracle win virtually all the tasks he needed to. It will help you win your own tasks too, and you won't rack up enemies in the process

3. Never Let Your Emotions Rule You

Case Study: CeeC, Khloe, K Brule

CeeC was the official villain of this show...so vile a person was she, that even Google Search identified her as a Bitter Woman. CeeC's hubris was her anger; consuming and fiery, she let it push her every day. She was unable to leash her anger, and when it mattered most that she reel in her anger, the emotion rules over her

In the final week, twice CeeC had the opportunity to prove to the world that she was a victim of the Toraclex Gang, and twice she failed, with Tobi, her failure proved fatal as it marked the sealing of her fate. This time, the whole world witnessed her meltdown and it proved a downfall.

Khloe, was another HM whose anger led her to eventual disqualification, an incident that ruined her chances, even at her second missionary journey

K Brule, her partner, was erratic, jumping from an up stair, and breaking his ankle, got him a strike. Threatening a HM, got him a second strike that sealed his fate with Khloe.

Like CeeC, many have anger as their weakness....sometimes, it can lead one to lose things that should matter, in this case, CeeC lost sympathy and by extension, votes

2. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Case Study: Tobi, Miracle, Alex, Nina and CeeC

Who you are is just as important as who you're with. Your personality can very much be determined by the people you surround yourself with. Your accomplishments can also be determined by those with whom you spend the most time with.

Tobi started the season with CeeC, so toxic was she, that it rubbed off on him. He excluded himself from interactions with other HMs, he was relegated to a life of always apologising and pleading with CeeC. This toxic life sucked the joy out of him, he continually looked depressed when he was with her.

In the course of the show though, Tobi was released from CeeC's shackles and found happiness with Alex. He returned to the bubbly personality viewers loved on Day 1, he was always happy, he smiled more, played more and interacted more. He was able to win back his fans with his relationship with the trio of Miracle, Alex and Nina.

Alex, on the other hand, wasn't a serious person, a free spirit through and through, she never bothered to put her all in with tasks, always finishing last or close enough to last. However, her relationship with the Toracle boys helped her understand the importance of focus. She was able to win the most important HoH in the final week and 500k in another task alongside Miracle. Perhaps, without such positive souls, she would have gone home empty handed

We should all remember that positive vibes help us focus, it gives us peace of mind, it makes us happier and healthier even. Never surround yourself with toxic people who continually blame you for all that is wrong with the world. Always befriend people who encourage you to be the best of yourself, not of someone else.

1. Love is Love

Case Study: BamTeddy, Mina, CeeC, Tolex

It doesn't matter what you do, people who love you, will always love you and stand for you. They will defend you in the good and the bad. Love is love

BamTeddy and Mina had s*x on Live TV, an act frowned upon in the Nigerian society, but their fans stood for them through it all, they loved them more. They thrived in spite of what should have tainted them.

Tolex were known as the gossip pair, but their fans only saw love, it didn't matter that they gossiped. It didn't matter that Tobi was immature or Alex was a 'snake'...it's human to gossip.

And CeeC, need I say more about the real Double Wahala this season. She must have argued with half the house, repeatedly, she was an inferno, razing down every relationship she should have built, but through it all, her fans stood by her. They loved and believed in her, there was a valid explanation for everything, she was lost and needed help, she was a victim of her anger and of the hate of other HMs.

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Through it all, fans stood by each of these people. Someone who loves you, will love your flaws and all. They will wish you the best, they will be worried about you, they will stand by you through it all, because love is love

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