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Nollywood actress Maureen Solomon reveals why she quit acting

Nollywood actress Maureen Solomon reveals why she quit acting

- Maureen Solomon was considered one of Nollywood's finest a few years ago until she fell off the movie scene

- In a recent interview, she revealed why she decided to quit acting

- She stated that at the time she got married, taking care of her family was more important to her

When listing names of sough after Nollywood actresses in the early 2000s, it was hard to go by without mentioning the beautiful Maureen Solomon. Her smooth acting skills earned her the love of many Nigerian movie lovers.

After she got married in 2005, her appearances in movies drastically reduced and soon enough, she was off the movie scene, leaving fans wondering what could have happened and some, blaming her husband for her decision to stop acting.

Well, Maureen Solomon threw more light on the reasons and even went on to debunk rumours that her husband was responsible for her break from Nollywood. In a recent interview with The Entertainer, she said the need to take care of her family and be there for her children was more important to her than her bubbling acting career

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When asked about her reason for being off the movie screen for so long, she had this to say:

It’s not so much silence because I want it to be so, but the fact that I am focused more on the family front, which I feel is more important. For all these years, I am grateful for the time that I have spent with my family, and continue to spend. I have devoted my time to my children for some time now. So, right now, I am coming back to work. My absence all these years has been because of my family.

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Speaking on the rumour about her husband being responsible for her break from acting, she said:

"As a matter of fact, I got married in 2005 and I acted till 2011. The last time I did a movie was in 2011 and my husband never stopped me. So, I wonder why he would stop me in the middle of the way. My husband actually encourages my work, even in my going back now by the grace of God. It is still him that is pushing me and he will always spur me to do greater things, not just the normal thing we know of. So, he never stopped me, I stopped myself because I needed to dedicate more time to my children. My last house girl left as at the time I decided to stay home and I decided not to get another one. I practically had to become the house girl."

Since the beautiful actress plans to do a comeback soon, we can't help but wait in anticipation for what the talented script interpreter would serve this time.

Good luck to her!

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