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Media personality helps stranded pregnant woman and her son (photos)

Media personality helps stranded pregnant woman and her son (photos)

- Ghana's popular media personality Gifty Anti has gone out of her way to help a stranded pregnant woman and her son

- According to the media personality, the pregnant woman had been stranded in Accra for almost a month

- Gifty Anti assisted the woman with the necessities to ensure her safe return and sustenance

Ghana's popular media personality, Oheneyere Gifty Anti, known by the her stage name, Awo Dansoa, has warmed many hearts on social media after she extended a helping hand to a pregnant woman who had been stranded in Accra for weeks.

The TV show host took to her Instagram account and shared pictures and the story of a woman named Naomi Akasi Ackah who hailed from Anyase, Nzema.

According to the post, the 23-year-old woman who was heavily pregnant had been brought to Accra by the father of her son and unborn baby to live in Accra only to abandon her upon reaching the capital city.

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As a result, she had no option than to seek shelter on the Achimota Bridge in Accra with no one to help her.

Gifty Anti recounted that she called the police and a few media people to assist the lady and went on her way.

However, upon seeing her the second time, Gifty Anti, with the help of some policemen in the area approached the woman to ascertain if she was mentally stable.

Naomi Akasi Ackah then recounted her story to them which touched the heart of the TV host who pulled strings to help the young lady.

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They managed to raise some funds for her, get her a small phone and some provisions. They also got in touch with a Member of Parliament who has made steps to see to Naomi Akasi Ackah’s safe return to her family members in Nzema.

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