These lovely photos of 4 Nigerian generations of women will melt your heart

These lovely photos of 4 Nigerian generations of women will melt your heart

- A Nigerian woman has shared photos showing off the women in her family

- The women were seen rocking beautiful ankara styles while a baby boy was seen rocking ankara bow-tie

Photos showing the women in Nigerian family has made its way into the hearts of social media users. The photos shows a woman with her great grandmother, her grandmother, her mother and a 6-week-old baby boy.

The woman identified as Miriam Davou Ako shared the photos to celebrate the women in her family. She expressed that she feels blessed because the women in her family always provide support for her.

In her post, Ako listed how the women in her family help and support her. She expressed that her great grandmother does chores around the house and her grandmother supports the whole family.

4 Nigerian generation

4 Nigerian generation of women Photo source: Instagram user Miriam Davou Ako

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Ako who revealed that she lost her dad and lost her pregnancy in April, 2017, stated that she is grateful to God for blessing her with an amazing family.

She also thanked God for blessing aher with a healthy baby boy who is six weeks old and a supportive husband.

Read her post below:

"This is a total package of God's Grace, Mercy and Blessings. 5 Generations of God's Grace�

This pic here is a representation of strong women who have gone through life and come out victorious!

You see my Great grandma over there still works around and washes her clothes.

My Grandma is the one that carries everybodys wahala on her head, after I had my baby she called almost 6 times a day You see my momma over there she's a Super human, I remember how broken and depressed she was after we lost my dad, it took Jesus himself to comfort her! She's my greatest critic you know how twins act, quarrel and reconcile automatically? That's us

To me! All I see is God's love and grace in my life, I am truly blessed and favored. After loosing a Pregancy April last year, I'm here with a cute, chubby, happy, peaceful and Amazing 6 weeks old lil man this April ! Lord I'm Grateful. My Zane is indeed privileged and blessed to have all these women available for him. God keep them all for me.

To my ever supportive hubby! Mr Blackwell, words fail my love! You kept pushing for this pic oooo when I wanted to lose weight and slay I love you till Jesus comes you already know! Lord, I'm forever indebted to you! Thank You!"

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