How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria

How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria

A bridal shower in Nigeria is one of the greatest chances to have fun for a bride and her female friends and relatives. As a rule, the party is planned and organized by this group of females so that the bride is only receiving presents and having fun. So, if you are the one who’s responsible for the event and search for ideas, check out some recommendations below.

How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria

How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria?

Planning of the event is the most complicated but the most interesting part of the bridal shower. It’s your task to throw a party each of the guests will remember for years. This is why everything should be excellent and every detail should be thought over carefully.

How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria

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How to plan a great event, which will be a day to remember? Follow these simple steps that will guide you to the best outcome.

  • Set a talk to the bride

You need this to find out what she’s expecting. If the entire organization depends on you, it doesn’t mean that you are not supposed to ignore the bride’s expectations. A great party is the one that meets everybody’s demands and likes, especially, the bride’s ones.

How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria

Besides that, you need to know whether your bridal shower is going to be the only one the bride is having. It’s possible that her female relatives are willing to create another party for her. In this case, you may just have two absolutely different parties. The one will be with the bride’s friends, for example, in a dance club, while the other, in a classic style, will be thrown by her relatives.

  • Set a talk with other bridesmaids

You will need this for two reasons: to get to know other girls who are involved in case you are not friends and to involve the rest of the group in the planning and organization. Maybe, they will have interesting ideas and, maybe, they will be useful if your idea will be found the best and most suitable for the event.

How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria
  • Determine your budget

This is the matter, which should be discussed with other bridesmaids because everybody may have different financial abilities. Once you will determine how much money you have, you will be able to plan the menu and define the place for the party.

  • Determine the theme of the party

The theme will help other girls decide, which gifts they should purchase and which clothes they should wear. The theme will determine the decorations and menu and create a specific atmosphere, which will make the party a day to remember.

How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria
  • Compose the list of guests

You need to discuss it with the bride because there’s nothing worse ever than seeing people you hate at your bridal shower party. Another restrictive reason that will determine the list of guests is the budget. It’s a very poor idea to invite more guests than the budget of the party can supply.

If you are planning a surprise party, invite only those guests who are surely invited to the wedding. It’s also a very bad idea to invite people to a bridal shower but not to invite them to the wedding or vice versa.

How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria

Well, these are several brief planning recommendations that will surely help you throw a party to remember. Now, let’s move on to some lovely bridal shower ideas that will give you some inspiration. It’s not necessary to copy any of them even if you like them very much because it may be quite pricey. Just take a look and decide what you would like to use for your bridal party.

Bridal shower ideas in Nigeria: the planning inspiration

How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria

The number of the available and interesting bridal shower party ideas is limitless. Everything is in your hands and even if you have a small budget, you still can throw a nice party for your beloved friend. Let’s check out some of the ideas together.

  • TV series the bride loves. You can easily play roles of the main characters from the favorite TV show of the bride. It will be a lovely party with a special atmosphere and a fun to remember. Besides that, the bride will have really happy hours merging with her favorite character
How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria
  • The city and style the bride loves. Choose a romantic place, for instance, Paris and create a truly French atmosphere with coffee, croissants, French music, and a lot of romance
  • A certain type of clothes. For instance, throw an all-denim party where all the guests wear at least one denim thing.
How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria
  • A certain color scheme. It’s interesting if the place where the party takes place, all the accessories and guests wear the same color scheme. It’s even cooler if the gifts are wrapped in the same colors. It can be a great scenery for a great fun.
  • A slumber party. It can be a great idea for a slow and relaxed time with the best female friends who exchange emotions, advice and do other girly stuff. It’s nice if all the girls stay for the night at the chosen place and wear cute pajamas.
How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria
  • The bride’s favorite movie or historical epoch. This is somewhat like a masquerade where all the guests wear interesting costumes. However, it can be quite costly so plan your budget before you start organizing everything for such an event.

The ideas a really numerous so feel free to choose whatever you like.

Funny and interesting bridal shower games and activities

How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria

Apart from having an interesting theme, you need to have good games and funny activities to fill the time of the party. Check out several interesting ideas below.

  • Clothespins. It’s an old game, in which everybody who says the word “bride” receives a clothespin on their clothes. The winner is the one who has more clothespins on their clothes at the end of the party
  • A kitchen game. It’s not necessary to compete in cooking complicated meals. Just prepare several pieces of the biscuit base, cream, and food decorations and invite all the guests to compete in creating cupcakes to celebrate the bride and her wedding
How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria
  • Toilet paper clothing design. Guests are split into teams, each of which chooses a girl who will be the model. She’s decorated with toilet paper to create the most interesting clothes fashion
  • Finding matches. Have several questionnaires with questions about life facts of the guests. The winner is the one who manages to find the biggest number of matches: the same month of birth, the same car model, the same dress color, etc.
How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria
  • Sweet memories. Every guest receives a lovely card where they write one of their sweet memories connected to the bride: the fun they had together with her, a lovely event attended together, the first meeting, the mutual help, and so on

Bridal shower wishes: a part of the event

How to plan a bridal shower in Nigeria

As soon as the most pleasant wishes are those, which come from the heart, get the guests express their wishes to the bride in their own words. Prepare a set of printed cards for the guests so that they can write everything they want. Make many cards just in case. Maybe some guests will want to leave several wishes.

Make sure that you look through the cards before you give them to the bride: things happen and not all of the guests may be in the mood to write something good. Just check everything thoroughly so that nothing upsets the bride.

Have a great fun!

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