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What do you do for fun: how to answer interview questions?

What do you do for fun: how to answer interview questions?

What do you do for fun? It can be quite a tricky question to answer when you are about to get the job of your dream. Do you know that this question can be considered as one of the most important for HR managers to hire you for a certain job? Let’s take a look why it’s so important to get the right answer to this question and how to answer it!

What do you do for fun: how to answer interview questions?

Interview overview

If you want to be hired for a job, then you will need to go through the various interviews. Therefore, it’s very beneficial for you to get some answers to the interview questions. “What do you do for fun interview” is one of the most common questions.

What do you do for fun: how to answer interview questions?

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However, there are reasons why HR managers ask this question. It’s just for fun as you may think about, but also about finding what kind of person you are. It’s necessary to find out if you can fit into the corporate culture.

Certain personalities work better in certain circumstances. Moreover, it can describe a person from the best side as he/she has something outside of the job and interested in many other situations that life can give to him or her. Therefore, some individuals may join the team easily and without any problems, while other personalities will have to struggle.

Points to Emphasize

What do you do for fun: how to answer interview questions?

It’s interesting, but nobody expects you to answer this question wrongly. There is no bad answer to this question at all! Nevertheless, there are few points that you need to understand before you answer this question. What do you consider fun? Let’s take a look at the points that you will need to emphasize in your answers:

  • Answer the question honestly! Do not forget that the company may find out that your answer is dishonest!
  • If you have several different interests, then you need to focus only on the most important ones. Do not try to provide the whole information about your interests.
  • If you hold any leadership positions, then you need to provide information about it. Do not hold this information to yourself as it can be your trump card when you are about to receive your job position.
  • Show enthusiasm for what you are doing! Do not forget that people love strong personalities and you will need to show how strong you are by providing evidence of your accomplishments.
  • Keep it simple. There is no reason to complicate anything in any question. That’s why you just need to be honest with your answers in an interview.

Mistakes you should avoid

What do you do for fun: how to answer interview questions?

There are no good what do you do for fun answers! Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to this question! Let’s take a look at the things you shouldn’t do when answering this question!

  • Do not makeup hobbies! No matter who you are and if you really want to impress somebody – you shouldn’t make up any stories!
  • Stay away from any activities which might be bad for your appearance, like drinking, partying, clubbing, etc.
  • Do not try to breeze over the question. Even if you don’t have a lot of hobbies, you can always mention at least one.
  • Do not mention things that you don’t like to do!
  • Keep your answers straight and positive!
  • What do you do for fun examples
What do you do for fun: how to answer interview questions?


The best way to describe yourself is connected with sport. If you do any kind of sport, you can always be considered as an active person and perfectionist. Therefore, any kind of sport that you mention may be a good part of your interview.


If you know a lot of languages, you can be considered as a very cultural person. When you learn languages, you also learn different cultures. Therefore, you will be a good person to be fit in any office. It’s especially true when you are about to take a position in an international company. People-person are always considered as the best employees to take any position.


It’s better when you learn something new not only for yourself but also for your career! You won’t believe how many interesting things you can learn and how it can influence your career.



If you want to impress a person in the modern world, then you may need to speak with him about the book you are currently reading. It might be a good starting point for you when you speak with HR manager. Readers are always welcome in any company.

Unusual hobbies

Some companies may hire you if you just have an unusual hobby. For instance, you may try to manage your own channel on YouTube! Therefore, when you have an unusual hobby, you can be considered as a very creative person.

What do you do for fun: how to answer interview questions?

No matter which hobby you want to present, the real thing that you need to remember when you answer the question “What do you do for fun” is your honesty. Nobody likes liars, that’s the reason why many people fail interviews. They just want to impress their future employer, but it doesn’t work like that!

Do not be afraid to look like a boring person. It’s better to be boring than a liar. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of taking any position you currently have. Still, do not forget to mention hobbies you are really good at. It can create a positive picture of you! Hope you get the job of your dreams!

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