Poultry business plan in Nigeria

Poultry business plan in Nigeria

Every year the agricultural business is becoming more popular. Poultry production is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world today. If earlier the niche was considered to be of little profit, now even experienced entrepreneurs began to look for profitable business ideas in agriculture. Poultry business promises a stable income and high profit, while it does not require large financial investments. To kick-start, you will only need a few thousands, a lot of free time and desire.

Poultry business plan in nigeria

Business plan on poultry

Before proceeding with resettlement idea, we strongly recommend you to compile a competent poultry business plan in Nigeria. As an example, for more about this see the detailed business plan for breeding laying hens.

The main stages of the poultry business plan:

  • Choice of direction. In this stage, you should conduct a detailed analysis of the business idea, determine its profitability and the level of competition;
  • Financial section. It is required to calculate in detail all the costs of the project and determine the necessary amount of investments;
  • Organizational section (registration of business, lease of premises, arrangement of premises, purchase of chickens).
Poultry business plan in nigeria

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Choice of direction in poultry farming business plan

Not everyone thinks about mass growing and breeding of poultry on a production scale; Well don't, because this business can bring a good and stable income.

First of all, you need to choose a direction. Which bird is most profitable to grow? To answer this question is rather difficult, there are many pluses and minuses. For beginners, we recommend to cultivate popular species of birds.

The most popular species of birds for poultry:

  • Chickens (layers, broilers);
  • Ducks and geese;
  • Turkeys;
  • Quails and pheasants.

Before you determine the direction, analyze the demand and competition. Also, it is also necessary to study in detail the features of breeding, rearing and keeping of birds. As a result, you can choose to breed standard birds (ducks, chickens) or try your hand at a more complex direction and start breeding quails.

Poultry business plan in Nigeria

Documents and permits for opening of a poultry farm

Agricultural business, as well as any other, needs legal registration in the relevant authorities. At the initial stage, you can do without registering your business, so to speak, try to plant a bird for your own needs. If successful, you can register a farm and start breeding not only birds but also animals, as well as growing vegetables and fruits.

In addition, it is necessary to obtain quality certificates and permits for the sale of products from the sanitary-epidemiological and veterinary service. The process of registering a farm can be delayed, so we recommend you instruct the collection and registration of all documents to an experienced lawyer.

Territory for poultry

Choose the appropriate territory depending on the estimated volumes of the future poultry farm and the conditions of the birds content. For example, for breeding pheasants at home, it will be necessary to build a large aviary because the birds can fly freely.

There are two ways of keeping a bird: cell and walking:

  1. In the first case, equip a room that connected to all communications in which cages will be placed for keeping birds. But it is worthwhile to understand that this method is more suitable for keeping and growing broilers.
  2. The second variant of keeping the poultry is to equip of the pen, where the birds can freely graze. In this case, it will be necessary to rent a much larger area for growing poultry in free conditions.

Poultry equipment

  • Cells for keeping birds;
  • Incubators;
  • Feeders, drinking bowls;
  • Heaters for chickens;
  • Harvesting equipment.
Poultry business plan in nigeria

Acquisition of baby birds for a poultry farm

Naturally, to open a poultry farm, you should buy baby birds and eggs for breeding poultry. Most profitable, buy young chicks and eggs on specialized farms. Before buying, determine the direction, do not forget that there are breeds of birds, that are specifically for keeping and slaughtering meat, as well as breeds that are kept and bred to receive and sell eggs. In addition, an incubator should also be purchased for further breeding and replenishment of the number of birds on the farm.

Profitability of business and financial implications

Analyzing the successes of experienced entrepreneurs, it can be concluded that the poultry farm will be profitable in case of breeding and keeping a large number of birds (at least 500).

Financial implications:

  • Business registration;
  • Rent of the business land space;
  • Poultry house arrangement;
  • Purchase of young animals;
  • Food for birds;
  • Salary of workers of the poultry farm.

Profits from a poultry business

Your profit will depend on the chosen direction, demand and competition in the agricultural sphere of activity.

Eggs. If you breed birds and sell eggs, the average of 100 hens can get about 30,000 eggs per year.

Meat. Generally, farmers contain birds for slaughtering meat. The cost of carcass of chicken, turkey or duck in the market is quite large, so this business is quite cost-effective.

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