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Aphrodisiac for women: top 5

Aphrodisiac for women: top 5

Sometimes a romantic dinner and a heated make out session are not enough to fuel the passion. So what can a woman do if that special mood does not seem to come no matter what? The answer is simple: aphrodisiac for women. In this article, we will tell you about five natural aphrodisiacs that can help you get in the mood for a little playtime and so much more.

Aphrodisiac for women: top 5

If you are between the ages of 18 and 59, chances are, you might be suffering from lack of desire to be intimate with your partner. It is nothing to worry about, almost every third woman in the world suffers from the same issue.

Today’s world is incredibly stressful, so it is no wonder that you do not feel like doing anything in your bed apart from lying in it. But what should you do if you want to change the situation? People say that aphrodisiacs might help! Let us tell you what they are all about.

Aphrodisiac meaning


You might be wondering, what is an aphrodisiac? In simple terms, it is a substance that stimulates desire in the bedroom. Aphrodisiacs come in all forms, but the most common ones are usually food and drinks. The name for this miracle thing comes from the name of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.

While a lot of people swear by aphrodisiacs for improving their intimate relationships with their partner, some scientists believe that the effect of these miraculous foods and drinks is increased significantly with the help of sheer belief that they are going to help. That said, it has to be a personal choice of everyone whether to give them a try or not.

Best natural aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiac for women

Let’s get one thing straight. Is using an aphrodisiac natural? Well, if you choose an aphrodisiac from this article, then we can guarantee that it is certainly natural. Today, we are going to tell you only about the aphrodisiacs you might find in your fridge or on the fresh market. Without much further ado, here are five things that are considered aphrodisiacs for women.



It is a well-known fact that many women enjoy eating chocolate. But did you know that cacao (seeds that are used to create chocolate) is actually a natural aphrodisiac? Well, now you do! Cacao is full of phosphorus, magnesium and antioxidants, as well as of methylxanthines and phenylethylamine, which are known for being ‘love chemicals’.

Cacao also contains theobromine, which, along with the rest of elements, induces the release of endorphins and dopamine, making a person consuming it much happier in an instant. And the key to any good intimate relationship is, of course, the happiness of all parties involved. Apart from being an aphrodisiac, cacao has a whole range of other health benefits, so your personal life is not the only thing that can benefit from its consumption.



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Many believe that eating dates can significantly improve your chances at going on more dates. These sweet delicious fruits can make your mouth water for more than one reason. If you mix them with cinnamon and milk, you will get an ultimate aphrodisiac (and a very delicious drink).

Ladies will especially benefit from consuming dates, as the fruits in question contain dextrose and fructose, which are responsible for providing energy to the body. They are also filled with plenty of other minerals and vitamins that are essential for having a normal intimate life. So if you are looking for a tasty pick-me-up that can get you out of your own bed into someone else’s, dates are the way to go.



Who would have thought that something as unassuming as an avocado could actually be a great tool in improving one’s intimate life? That is right, this fruit that neither tastes nor looks like a fruit has been used for centuries by women across the planet to ‘get in the mood’. When you think about it, avocados somewhat resemble certain private parts below the belt, so why not use them for inspiration? ;)

Avocados contain a lot of Vitamin E, which fuels the body with energy and reinforces the cells. This means that once you finally ‘get in the mood’, you do not have to worry about being too tired or out of breath after just a few minutes of steamy action.



It is said that the smell of almonds is enough to arouse passion in women. These nuts have been used as a natural aphrodisiac for centuries, with some of the earliest mentions going as far back as the Biblical times. Apart from fuelling desire, almonds are also considered to be a symbol of fertility, so if you are planning for a baby, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Almonds contain protein, fibre, iron, magnesium and Vitamin E, which are all great for the overall health, but also particularly good for the intimate life (including fertility). In addition to that, they are full of fatty acids, which are essential for producing testosterone, in turn increasing ‘the drive’.



Last, but certainly not least, we have to mention a food that has been regarded as an aphrodisiac most often. Of course, it is oysters. Even though they do not look all that appetising, they are well known for their ability to bring people closer, usually with no clothes on.

So why are oysters so well known for being the best food to have in the bedroom? Well, the secret is in their contents, of course. The amino acids and zinc contained in oysters are responsible for facilitating the production of testosterone, which, as we have previously established, makes things much hotter between people. So stifle your gag reflex, clamp your nose if you have to, before downing a few of these, as they are said to work wonders!

There are many more aphrodisiacs out there in the world. Due to the technological advancements, they can often be found on the shelves of apothecaries in pills or drops. Nevertheless, nothing can beat what nature has already given us. So if you want to increase your drive, consider adding these foods to your diet.

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