How to make turmeric powder at home

How to make turmeric powder at home

Are you looking for a simple and detailed guide on how to make turmeric powder? Many of us wish to do this occasionally, and it is better if the instruction explains how to achieve this goal right at your home. We know some useful tips we would love to share with you, so keep on reading, and you will learn impressive secrets of cooking at home.

How to make turmeric powder

It is better if you can purchase raw turmeric or grow this root in your backyard or at home. You can turn the root into turmeric powder, and this is exactly what you need. Keep in mind that you can store fresh turmeric for a short period only, so you need to turn it into powder as soon as possible. The powder, on the other hand, can be used whenever you need it.

How to make pure turmeric powder

There are several steps in our guide on how to make turmeric powder:

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  • Wash and sweat
  • Boil and cure
  • Dry
  • Grind

It is necessary to talk about each step in details. You will have to be attentive to each part of the process to make it just the right way. Anyway, you have to begin with purchasing turmeric that is 7-10 months old. It is better if the plant’s leaves already starting to dry out.

How to make turmeric powder at home

Step 1. Wash and sweat

Wash the turmeric root. It needs a good washing before you can cook it. There is no need to keep the extremely long roots. You can get rid of these parts. You do not need leaves as well, so get rid of them to end up with only the turmeric ‘hand’ (the plant’s heart with branches).

You can use a pan. Place the root inside and cover with a piece of clothes or leaves. Let the root ‘rest’ for approximately a day.

How to make turmeric root powder

Step 2. Boil and cure

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It is necessary to boil the root before you can dry it and turn into powder. This ‘boil and cure’ stage is important to achieve the following benefits:

  • Root will be much softer because its starch becomes dry quickly once it is boiled and turns into gelatin-like substance.
  • Root will smell and taste differently because boiling helps it to get rid of the raw odour
  • Boiling can remove all unnecessary bacteria and germs found in parts of soil that can be attached to the root.

You need to boil the root for approximately 45 minutes. Sometimes you need less time, and sometimes it can take longer. Everything depends on the type of turmeric root you are using, but average time is less than an hour.

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How to make turmeric powder by boiling and drying the root

Step 3. Dry

Method 1: Let the plant cool down and cut it into pieces. This way you can dry it quicker because smaller parts become dry faster than one big piece.

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You can use a piece of clothes. Place it in the sunny spot in your backyard or near the window. Add the slices of the root on the clothes and leave it under the sun for 11-15 days. The process of drying depends on your temperatures and climate. Sometimes it can be quicker than 11 days, so keep an eye on the root and check its pieces occasionally.

How to make turmeric powder from the plant

Method 2: Some people prefer drying the herbal plant in their oven. You can also ‘bake’ the boiled roots in the oven for approximately 1, 2 or even 3 hours until the plant becomes crisp and dry.

How to make turmeric powder by grinding

Step 4. Grind

When the root is completely dried, you can add the pieces into a blender and grind the plant into powder.

The pure turmeric powder made at home by you can be a wonderful addition to curry, tea, jelly, and different meals. The turmeric root has many health advantages. You can make your skin healthier, you will have better looking, and enjoy other advantages. So making powder is wonderful, especially since you can store it in airtight containers for over 12 months.

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