How to win soccer bets easily

How to win soccer bets easily

Customers of bookmakers are wondering, how to win soccer bets easily? Most often, they refer to combined tactics, so it is required to predict the result of several sports events. If luckily coincides, the outcome will be the sum equal to the product of the rate on the multiplied odds of the outcomes. A lot of money is won, putting a small amount of money. But, it is necessary to know betting strategies in order to have victory more often.

Our guide will help you to win soccer bets easily

There are several types of bets in soccer. The most common is express betting when you have a couple of events on the list. Usually, the names of such expresses compare to the number of events included in the bet — double, triple, etc. The main advantage of this type of betting is that it often brings a big win. Putting a small amount for a few games, you can become a holder of a good margin. To win, you need to become a professional, to delve into all the subtleties of those sports at which bets are made. Then luck will not keep you waiting.

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There are also cases of single betting, which is also quite a common type of sports odds. In this article, we are going to talk about both of this types.

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Useful tips on how to win soccer bets

So, how to win soccer bets? To guess all the events that are part of your bet is not easy, you need experience. But, as everywhere, newcomers are lucky enough. Bookmakers sometimes limit the number of events included in the bet, the total ratio is also understated.

There are two simple truths that must be remembered when betting on the express:

  1. The smaller number of events included in the bet has a greater probability that it will win.
  2. If one of the events in such kind of bet is not guessed, the entire bet will lose. Games with a small odds give more chances to win.

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Football betting and money

Successful betting strategies

There are many types of successful betting strategies for single and express odds. Let’s go through short descriptions of some of them.


Good quotes for single bets on the winning of one of the teams. Do it when you are sure of the victory of one of the rivals. When you are predicting the outcomes in the express, it uses a double result ("1X" or "2X"), which reduces the possibility of losing.

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This is the bet on the total number of goals, scored in total or by each team.There are obvious predictions and risk bearing, as well as a very strong spread of coefficients in this form of betting. But it is still possible to predict such kind of stats. For example, you can analyze the previous fixtures of each team, as well as the history of their personal rivalry, their current form, their injury losses, etc. All these characteristics can help you to win soccer bets easily.

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Most often used in single betting, but acceptable in express too. The odds are put on the win of one team with a handicap. When teams of equal strength meet, the bet rate would be higher. Again, try to analyze the background of both teams, their previous meeting, etc.

Bets on multiple events

The more games collected in the express, the higher the ratio. Players are afraid of such rates, they rarely pass. But you have to know, that it is still possible to collect a large express, which has a great chance of passage. A forecast is made for one fixture. Try to play safe and put on the obvious and low rated outcomes. In total, up to 10 such forecasts will increase the coefficient. Remember, place your bets on predictable fixtures. For example, you can play for favorites in each major European league. Or, you can find a team with the worst defense in such tournaments, and bet on the goals against them.

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Express for the week

In continuing to the previous passage. The strategy of betting on expresses, for a period of 6-8 days, brings a solid profit. The final ratios reach 25-30. Within a week, every day, you can find fixtures, in the outcome of which you are sure. If they are put together, a good express rate is obtained, with a high coefficient and a winning probability. Using this strategy, the chance of winning increases, the probability of patency of each of the outcomes is very high and it does not require large numbers of bets.

On more tips to win football bets, let’s mention, that each successful player has to work with tons of football statistics. It is needed to be in touch with all aspects of the football world. In such case, your chances to win would increase greatly.

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