Angry man destroys BRT bus that bashed his car in Lagos

Angry man destroys BRT bus that bashed his car in Lagos

When it comes to craziness and rashness, Lagos seems to have an upper hand at it, the city that never sleeps never stops amazing it's residents with some horrifying behaviors.

Many residents of the mega-city Lagos will totally agree that many Lagos drivers looses it sometimes, the inordinate way most of them drive are most times horrendous and the drama they cause afterwards is bizarre.

Yesterday April 14, a man was spotted breaking the windows of the popular Lagos city government commercial bus known as BRT.

The man's actions was said to have arise after the BRT bashed his car with the BRT driver not showing any remorse for his actions.

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The angry man took a heavy object from his car and started smashing the windows as alarmed passengers ran away from the bus.

See video below.

The incident happened at Lekki in Lagos, some has claimed that the glass pieces injured some passengers in the bus.

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