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How to hear from God: best tips for believers

How to hear from God: best tips for believers

People often ask priests how to hear from God. We sometimes want God to write us messages on the wall or speak with a loud voice from heaven. Almighty does not mix His words with the cacophony of the sounds that swarm in our heads, in our churches or in our daily affairs. Numerous messages that we accept complicate the hearing from God. His voice most often seems like a touch of quiet wind.

hear from God

How you can know the will of God? There are many books, audio productions and other resources describing the voice of the Lord. He speaks into our hearts through other believers, providence, the Holy Spirit and in other ways. In this article, we will talk on how to pray effectively and hear clearly from God. How to hear the Almighty when you face a difficult decision or a hard task?

Top 5 tips to hear the voice of God

You do not need magic to hear from God, but there are certain keys that will help you to understand what he wants you to do.

1. Prepare your heart and mind

When you wait for a response from God, you need to collect knowledge and pray often. Read theological resource, listen to church radio programs, and communicate with your leader. Learn everything.

When you ask God to speak to you but do not "prepare" for it, He has no opportunity to do the work fully. Of course, God can act as He wishes. The gathering of right information provides Almighty with resources that He can use to let you understand His words more clearly.

2. Enter into God's presence

Now, remain alone with God. Remember, He does not often mix His voice with the cacophony of sounds. Stay in a separate room, go to a quiet chapel or find a solitary place in nature. Forget about all worldly worries. You may turn on some quiet music that glorifies God. It is very important to concentrate all your thoughts on God at this moment in order to eliminate all the others.

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How to hear from God

Silence is not the only way to hear from God, but you can distinguish His voice much better when nothing distracts your attention.

3. Tell about your thoughts and feelings

A sober look at own thoughts and feelings brings to light those that are capable of confusing you. Being honest with yourself will help you recognize the voice of God. Honesty with God contributes to further progress. It is extremely difficult to control your feelings if you have not realized them.

If it seems to you that it is not entirely normal to speak frankly about such things with God, read some of the psalms. Many saints confessed to God in their deepest fears, greatest joys and biggest problems. They talked openly, partly to get rid of them. Here's what you need to do with "trash": just leave it at the feet of God.

4. Put aside your thoughts and feelings

Tell about this decision and deliberately postpone your thoughts and feelings. Maybe you can't do it fully, but your firm intention will let you feel the difference between your thoughts and what God is trying to say. Tell the Lord about what you are doing. He will respect your dedication.

Take time to let your emotional "trash" come out in the presence of God if you need it. Sometimes anger, fear, anxiety and depression overwhelm the sounds of your heart. Release them.

5. Be silent and listen

Stop talking! Stop making noise. Stop crying and screaming. Calm down. Just be in His presence. Stop responding to God or trying to tell Him what He already knows. Stop asking about something or demanding Him to speak. It would be like talking to your best friend "Tell me, tell me, tell me!" when you can't shut up to finally hear the answer.

God can say something very special to you. Be ready to hear it. Or He can put a new thought into your mind. When you reflect or imagine what God is trying to say, a wonderful feeling of peace may come to your heart. What decision would you make after this? Circumstances may not change, but you will have knowledge from the Holy Spirit.

Best tips for believers

Finally remember that God wants to talk to you. You can hear Him now! We hope that you will spend the time and energy to learn how to hear the voice of Almighty. Good luck!

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