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Is it good to be in a live-in relationship without marriage?

Is it good to be in a live-in relationship without marriage?

Sometimes we come across so many unmarried couples who live together in the same apartment, though the society frowns at it, but is it really wise to live with someone you aren't married to yet?

Live-in relationships are common, whereby a man and a woman probably dating decides to live together in a house and carter for each others needs.

Though the purpose of been in a live-in relationships varies, most times the major reason couples venture into that path is to get to know themselves well before marriage.

But are live-in relationship are ideal thing to do?

Here are the pros and cons of a live-in relationship.

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A live-in relationship is like a marriage without all the legalities and responsibilities. You get to know your partner better, and understand the other at a much deeper level.

Sometimes, couples opt for a live-in relationship before they can get married to experience what it is like before you take it a step further.

This is beneficial as you can evaluate the areas that you both may need to work on or if you really want to be married to your partner.

For some, it is just the pure bliss of waking up next to each other every morning, constantly being in each other’s presence and going to bed together.

Some choose a live-in relationship because they cannot handle the type of commitment a marriage entails. In such cases, the couple finds that living together without the legalities suits them and their life better.

They probably do not want to risk being tied up in a messy divorce battle, should the relationship break down.


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Social Censure is a great disadvantage of live-in relationship. Society finds it hard to accept such a relationship open-heartedly. It is considered as non-acceptable especially by the older generation.

Couples in such type of relationship are often harassed by the society for their choice. Another disadvantage is the lack of commitment.

Any quarrel or fight can lead to a split, whereas in a marriage a fight is often followed by reasoning and resolving.

A long time into the relationship, one of the partners may feel ‘suffocated’ in the relationship due to the lack of personal space.

Some may even feel a sense of monotony which causes trouble for the relationship and could eventually lead to a heart-breaking split.

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