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7 ways to get a boyfriend that fits you perfectly

7 ways to get a boyfriend that fits you perfectly

Being in a relationship is more than being in love. Yes, no one should be in a relationship without love but it is also important to respect, cherish, understand and communicate with your partner always, if you plan on being together for a longtime.

Before making a decision to get a boyfriend, you must know yourself, ask questions, am I ready for a relationship? Can I handle a being committed to someone? Can I make sacrifices for someone other than myself.

If you decide that you are ready for a relationship, that's when the tricky part comes in because you are single and during these period for a lot of people, you would feel like you are trapped in a zone that makes you see love everywhere, couples who are head over heels about one another would keep popping up around you.

This would either make you jump into a relationship that is not meant for you or make decisions that you would regret later. In other not to make these decisions has prepared a list of things to know to find a man for yourself. Read below:

1) Make a list of your values and wants: The list of values and wants would make you realise what you are looking for in a man. Don't just make a decisions based on what you see or feel on first impressions.

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2) Look for a potential boyfriend at places you like: If you are looking for a man, don't search in places you're not comfortable in. For example, you won't find the man of your dreams in a club, if you are someone that likes to spend your time in the library.

3) Be open to encounters: Don't close everyone of at first meeting. Try not to judge, be open-minded on dates and communicate.

4) Ask your friends if they know anyone: There are friends that know you better than yourself, they would be able to know what you like in a man and good friends let you know if a man is not good for you.

5) Engage in positive body language: When you go on dates, engage in positive body language, smile, communicate and, maintain eye contact laugh at his jokes. These little things makes the man understand that you are interested in him which may lead to another date.

6) Be yourself on dates: Don't pretend to be what you are not on dates, it may attract the wrong type of attention and behaviour from your potential boyfriend. Be real with whoever you are with, be it potential or real boyfriend.

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7) Talk to each other as friends: This is really important, communicate with him as a friend. It would determine how your communication survives in a long-term relationship. If you stop being friends the relationship becomes something that struggles to survive.

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