What married couples should avoid during fasting

What married couples should avoid during fasting

What is fasting? Fasting is basically spiritual exercise, it teaches discipline of self comtrol. It is the time for people to give up on bad habits. The intention for fasting is done to seek God and feel closer to him.

Fasting is a time to be pure in other to be closer to God and it could be difficult to know the things you are allowed to do and not do as a married couple. Coupled with the fact that there are a lot of myths surrounding what to do and not do while fasting.

The most important thing to know is that fasting is not mandatory especially for people who have health issues. For married couples, however, there is a lot you can do as long as you and your partner have said your vows before God.

It is also important to know that fasting in Islam and Christianity differ in some cases.

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Kissing your spouse:

A married couple can kiss each other while fasting. However, in Islam it is prohibited for one who lacks self control due to the fact that there is a risj of putting oneself in danger of releasing sexual fluids.

Intercourse with your partner:

In Islam, married couples can have sexual intercourse only at night after breaking during Ramadan period. They are not allowed to during the day because it nullifies the period of purity.


Sexual intentions and thoughts about your partner while fasting:

Thinking about your wife or husband sexually while fasting is a don't, however, if the thought happens unconsciously it doesn't nullify the act of fasting. For example, if a man had a wet dream or a woman had orgasm while dreaming.

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Pregnancy, mensturation, post birth bleeding or breast feeding with difficulty:

In Islam, any woman who is pregnant, mensturating or has post birth bleeding is not permitted to fast. However, Christain women can fast during these periods if they choose to as long as the fasting is not harmful to them in anyway.

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