Nollywood actress Maryam Charles dishes out relationship advice

Nollywood actress Maryam Charles dishes out relationship advice

Nollwood actress and film maker, Maryam Charles recently took to social media to share her two cents on relationships in Nigeria

Relationships are not known without its dramas and complications. This is one of the major reasons most people choose to have a particular standard or rules about who they date and when they feel is appropriate to settle down.

Among the many standards set by girls is financial security. Most ladies are perceived to be money conscious in relationships hence the reason they choose to be with rich men. Nollywood actress, Maryam Charles, in the light of this, took to social media to advice ladies who chase after money, forgetting the real deal.

She wrote on Instagram: "Nigerian ladies need to wake up and know what they are doing because I’ve come to understand the problem of getting married at certain level isn’t the fault of the men, many ladies in this country prefer to live in delusion than reality, this is another reason many homes break and will still break.

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Many ladies in this country are busy looking for rich guys that will do everything for them, forgetting the fact that wealth and riches don’t come overnight, you work for it and it will take years to get wealthy. Instead of supporting hardworking guys out there, they neglect them to go after yahoo boys who lie for a living. No man will neglect a wife who has been through thick and thin with him.

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You want to live luxury lifestyle when you cannot be creative, work to earn the life of your dream, my sister, you will end up running after yahoo boys and lose your dignity to them. Of what use is any benefit that will take away your dignity?Ladies need to start thinking ahead, get serious and start supporting real, hardworking guys irrespective of the societal pressures."

While money proves to be a major issue in most relationships, other factors also come into play, like abusive partners.

A Nigerian man was allegedly stabbed to death by his girlfriend at a nightclub in Italy. According to reports, the deceased and his girlfriend were seen arguing when she allegedly picked up a bottle and stabbed him with it.

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