Young lady says Yoruba men should be added to the list of natural disasters

Young lady says Yoruba men should be added to the list of natural disasters

- A Nigerian lady has declared that Yoruba men should be added to list of natural disasters

- The lady made the declaration on social media after a friend of hers was heartbroken by one

There is a common belief that Yoruba men are known to break hearts. They are believed to be players who are not ready to settle down and be in a committed relationship. Nigerians even dubbed the name 'Yoruba Demons' for these particular type of men.

A young Nigerian lady identified as Nikurai Maton who has a friend that recently her heartbroken by a Yoruba man has declared that all Yoruba men should be included in the list of natural disasters.

The lady who made the declaration on Twitter shared the story of how her friend was left in tears by a Yoruba men. She revealed that her friend had met the 37-year-old Yoruba man last year.

Maton said the man who claimed he had a daughter was based in Canada. She explaine that she wanted to advise her friend not to date him but she couldn't.

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According to her, Maton had told her friend to do some investigations on the man before taking thing to far and they found out somethings about him that she did not reveal on Twitter.

The Twitter user further expressed that her friend has been in tears since but she was able to get over the heartbreak with the help of a German male friend that is interested in a relationship with her.

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If all love stories truly end with a Yoruba man breaking the heart of ladies, does this really mean that all Yoruba men are players? And men of other tribes don't break hearts?

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