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Meet the world's tallest married couple

Meet the world's tallest married couple

A certain couple in Beijing China has being named the tallest married couple in the world by the Guinness World Record.

Ever imagined how a guy that's above 7ft looks like, or a how cool a more than 7ft guy marrying someone above 6ft too?

Well, the Guinness World Record has shown pictures of the world tallest couple and when they mean tall, not the average kind of tall.

Sun Mingming and his wife Xu Yan (both China) measure 236.17 cm 7 ft 8.98 in and 187.3 (6 ft 1.74 in) respectively, having a combined height of 423.47 cm 13 ft 10.72 in.

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The couple were measured in Beijing, China, on November 14, 2013, they were married in Beijing, China, on August 4, 2013.

Sun Mingming also holds the record for the tallest basketball player (current) at 236.17 cm (7 ft 8.98 in) when measured in Beijing, China, on 14 November 2013. He plays for the Heilongjiang provincial men's basketball team.

While his wife Xu Yan plays handball for the Heilongjiang provincial women's team.

See video.

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Wow! can one call this couple goals or height goals, whichever it's really lovely.

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