The Game net worth and assets

The Game net worth and assets

Everyone knows rappers are millionaires. How big is The Game net worth? How many millions does he have? These are the questions that thousands of fans around the world ask and search on the Web. Let’s find out how rich The Game is and how he earned all this.

The Game net worth and assets

The Game reveals his net worth

This is what tabloids used to say when they spoke about the famous rapper The Game and his assets. Actually, he has never been hiding his money and the discovery is more like the job of certain accountants who can estimate his wealth by some calculations.

The Game net worth and assets

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Well, the sources like TheRichest state The Game’s net worth as $22,000,000. It’s quite a significant sum but they don’t dive into details. A more detailed report from MoneyNation says that The Game owns $37,000,000 and it sounds more like the truth.

Well, if we accept this figure, we can find out that The Game’s net worth is 20 times smaller than the one of Dr. Dre’s (the latter one has $756,000,000!). Compared to Jay Z’s assets, the wealth of The Game is 14 times smaller (Jay Z has $514,000,000). Well, The Game is far from being the richest among other rap stars.

The Game net worth and assets

Still, The Game is 12 times richer than Barack Obama (the former President of the USA has only $3,2 million) and 543 times richer than an average household in the United States, which is worth about $68,000. This is what comparison shows us.

What’s The Game net worth now and what was it at the beginning?

The Game net worth and assets

Okay, let’s take a look at The Game’s net worth through the time. As soon as his career started in 2005 when his debut collection of songs titled The Documentary was produced, The Game’s assets began to accumulate thanks to his album sales, live concerts, the income from YouTube, and other sources. Let’s figure out some of these incomes. It’s necessary to say that the sales of albums make up about 36% of the entire The Game’s assets, income from his live performances come in at 33%. YouTube earnings also make up about 15%.

How rich is The Game Forbes gives no precise answer on his assets. Still, Forbes has the information on the rich investments the rapper makes.

Regarding album sale incomes of the rap star, the things fall into the following shape:

  • The Documentary album – 2005 - $10,979,010
  • Doctor’s Advocate – 2006 - $ 4,269,615
  • LAX – 2008 - $3,659,670
  • The R.E.D. Album – 2011 - $3,903,648
  • Jesus Piece – 2012 - $3,659,670
  • The Documentary 2 – 2015 - $6,099,450

All the other albums of The Game make the total income $33,790,953

The Game net worth and assets

Apart from the albums, The Game has a number of singles but they add only a little to the income from his albums. The two certified singles from The Game’s discography have brought him about $1,9 million.

The income from live performances looks like this:

  • The year 2008 – L.A.X. tour - $2,550,000
  • The year 2010 – European Club tour - $1,700,000
  • The year 2011 – another club tour - $2,125,000
  • The year 2012 – another club tour - $1,785,000
  • The year 2013 – another club tour - $1,657,500
  • The year 2014 – another club tour - $1,593,750
  • The year 2015 – another club tour - $1,275,000
The Game net worth and assets

In total, The Game has earned about $12, 7 million from his touring activities. Not being one of the top rank performing artistes, The Game could not sell out stadiums and big concert halls.

The income from YouTube is now a significant thing for the artists who have channels. It’s interesting how having a good channel with a lot of unique visitors is able to bring a person more money than selling an offline album. What’s more, it’s a sort of passive income as soon as you don’t even need new videos while the old ones are still being watched and liked by visitors.

The Game net worth and assets

The income The Game has from his YouTube channel is about $5,132,399, which is a great amount. It’s interesting to know that the pure income The Game has made from all his possible earnings makes about $97 to $98 million! You would ask where the rest is? Well, about 52% of his income is spent on tax payments.

What does The Game house look like?

The Game net worth and assets

When we speak about famous rappers and their assets, it’s impossible to overlook their luxurious homes. Well, according to the most recent data, the rapper had a mansion in Calabasas and it was a splendid one! The estimated price was $1,4 million and it had a swimming pool, a sauna, a usual accessory of luxurious mansions – a tennis court, and even horse stables, his neighbor was Khloe Kardashian.

The Game car collection

The Game net worth and assets

His car collection is worth separate mentioning. He has an impressive garage of cars and, after all, which millionaire doesn’t? The Game owns a couple of Panamera’s (by Porsche) and one of them is coated with matte gold. The other is pearly gray with custom white and red rims and it looks posh and absolutely sporty.

In addition to all this, the rapper owns a Bentley (what a surprise, eh?) painted orange and looking like the good old 2000’s. Another item in his collection is an electrocar Fisker Karma. It’s red like ripe cherries and looks absolutely elegant with matching rims.

The Game net worth and assets

Finally, The Game has a Chevrolet Camaro, which is customized to the bone, a Rolls Royce, which is natural for a millionaire, a Bugatti Veyron, and a whole range of other cars that represent his personality, likes, need for speed, and, of course, his money. Even though practically all rappers have significant collections of vehicles, The Game wins the race with the most impressive one and the prettiest cars among all.

Well, now you know The Game’s net worth and even have a precise calculation of his assets. Now, how do you think, is he really rich with all his money and achievements? Share your opinion!

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