Health benefits of bitter leaf

Health benefits of bitter leaf

What are the health benefits of bitter leaf? How to use it? You will know these answers and many others after reading this post. This plant is called Andrographis Paniculate Ness in Latin. It’s said that the homeland of bitter leaf is tropical Asia. It’s also well-known in Africa. You should know that it’s not only leaf with bitter taste but very useful medical features. The plant has many valuable properties which are good for our health.

Health benefits of bitter leaf

Health benefits of bitter leaf

Bitter lead belongs to Acanthaceae family. Actually, you can meet the plant everywhere: in the garden, fields, roadsides and so on. It can be grown even in your own garden for medical purposes. Due to its rich nutrition it can really help you to fight many problems with your health. It contains calcium, potassium, sodium and many other useful elements for normal functioning of our body.

Good prevention of cancer diseases

This plant can serve as medicine to prevent different forms of cancer. It reduce the risks of such diseases as trophoblastic tumor or lung tumor. It occurs due to andrographolide bitter extract which is also useful for liver and our immunity.

Some doctors say that bitter leaf can also prevent stomach cancer, and also bitter leaf extract helps to avoid breast cancer cells. How to make medicine from bitter leaf?

  • by mixing od bitter leaf extract and turmeric;
  • useful properties of these two plants: curcumin and substances received from the leaf allow to get a synergistic formula to avoid cancer diseases.

Reducing of hypertension

bitter leaf cancer

The special substances provide defence reaction of our body. The white blood cells which are produced in a body help to remove bacteria. As we’ve said a bitter lead contains a lot of potassium. It helps to remove salt and water from our body. This in turn provides a reducing of hypertension. In addition, it also reduces blood pressure. The benefits of bitter leaf and high blood pressure go hand-in-hand. That’s why if you have such problems. Some experiments showed that a bitter leaf water decoction can reduce a level of blood sugar in our body.

To treat hypertension, you should take the whole plant or just use its roots. Wash a plant carefully and boil in water (3 cups are recommended). After that you can drink boiled water of bitter leaf twice a day.

Relief of itching

bitter leaf for hypertension

To relieve the itching you can do the following with this plant:

  • take bitter leaf and ginger root fragrant;
  • mix it until smooth (to get powder), add water and drink three times a day.

Improvement of endurance

Andrographolide, which forms the basis of plant’s bitterness, and other components helps to increase endurance. Drink it twice a day:

  • take 10 grams of dried bitter leaves;
  • boil it in four cups of water.

Medicine to treat appendicitis

If you faced such problem as appendicitis, prepare the next ingredients to prepare medical drink:

  • 30 gr. of bitter leaf;
  • 400 ml. of water;
  • 1 tablespoon of honey.
  • boil bitter leaves in water, strain it and add 1 tablespoon of honey.

This recipe will help you to treat appendicitis if you will drink it regularly 3 times a day.

Good medicine for diabetics

The level of blood sugar is reduced due to mentioned earlier Andrographolide. That’s why it’s good medicine for those who suffer from diabetes. One study showed that bitter leaf water helps to reduce blood glucose in male rats.

You can make a drink against diabetes in the following way:

  • take about 5 gr. of fresh bitter leaves;
  • pour 1 cup of boiled water;
  • when it’s cold, strain it and drink twice a day after breakfast and supper.

Helps to treat diarrhea

benefits of bitter leaf

Probably, this unpleasant disease is well-known for everybody. There are many medicines for treating it, but modern medicine is rather expensive. The simple way will help you to fight. Just do the next:

  • take about 10 grams of dried bitter leaf;
  • boil it in water (3 cups);
  • when your drink is cold, strain, drink twice a day.

Prevent tuberculosis with bitter leaf

Tuberculosis is a quite dangerous disease of the lungs. It’s commonly caused by tuberculosis bacillus. This disease attacks many people today. Those who suffer from pneumonia can also use bitter leaf for treating it. For this purpose use the same method as for treating diarrhea.

Positive impact on skin condition

The substances contained in bitter leaf, and more specifically androfolit, andrografin help to prevent premature skin maturation. It happens because all these substances serve as natural antibiotics. The bitter extract helps to develop a defense system of body against infections. It has a positive impact on the skin tissue. It also a good medicine against acne. To make such drink you need:

  • 2 lenglengan plant;
  • 1 pinch of turmeric and rhizome of ginger;
  • ½ of bitter leaf.

Wash all ingredients carefully. Then peel turmeric and ginger. The next step is boiling of all products in 3 cups of water. Reduce the heat and cook until the water a half portion. When it’s cold, strain it and add some honey to taste.

Health benefits of bitter leaf water

bitter leaf for skin condition

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Making drinks with bitter leaf, you can avoid not only previously mentioned diseases. Any of these simple recipes will help you prevent a lot of problems and even treat existing ones:

  • to prevent stroke;
  • to treat malaria;
  • to make detoxification;
  • to overcome abdominal pain;
  • to lose weight;
  • to fight insomnia;
  • to treat leptospirosis;
  • to treat mouth inflammation;
  • to treat toothache;
  • to treat ear Inflammations.

In addition, the doctors point out a connection between bitter leaf juice and infertility. The special substances and detoxification capabilities of the plant increase fertility.

Health benefits of bitter leaf juice

The benefits of bitter leaf juice are the same. It’s useful for immunity, helps to treat diarrhea, diabetes, fight obesity and so on.

The drink significantly improves fertility of the ovaries. It also can serve as medicine against premature ovarian failure and ovarian cysts. That’s why bitter leaf and female infertility are closely related things. The bitter leaf juice will help to fight irregular periods and even reduce pain.

bitter leaf juice

As you can see, although this plant has bitter taste, it’s quite useful for our health. It can help to overcome a lot of problems. Nothing exists by accident. You can find many plants in nature that have significant benefits. Everything was created for a purpose. There are also tamarind leaves, scent leaves, curry leaves.

All these plants can help you to avoid serious problems. For example, health benefits of bitter leaf and scent leaf are very similar. The scent leaf treats heart diseases, female reproductive problems, stomach and kidney diseases and so on. Despite all these benefits, you should know all your allegies and ask a doctor if you can use bitter leaf as medicine. Remember, what is good for someone, can be bad for another.

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