Glo data plan for iPhone in Nigeria

Glo data plan for iPhone in Nigeria

Millions of Nigerians as well as citizens from other countries love Apple products and dream about owning an iPhone. Those of you who already have this popular smartphone should also find the best data package for your phone. Here is a selection of data plans you can look at if you want to find your best Glo data plan for iPhone.

Glo data plan for iPhone in Nigeria

Glo is a popular mobile network in Nigeria, it supports iPhone and many other smartphone models.

iPhone Glo data plans

Once you have chosen Glo subscription, you should pick a data plan for yourself. Glo Nigeria has its official site that lists all the bundles you can take advantage of.

Each Glo data plan for iPhone in Nigeria is grouped into flexible, camper, and regular packages that can last from 1 day to 30 days.

Glo data plan for iPhone in Nigeria 2018

Most of the plans are named according to how much they cost:

  • Naira 25 package – it offers you 10MB per a day but you can also enjoy the 2.5MB of bonus once you order it through *127*32# number
  • Naira 50 option – this can deliver 22MB of daily data plus a gift of 5.5MB through *127*14# symbols
  • Naira 100 plan – this option brings 80MB along with 20MB additionally for a day via *127*51#
  • Naira 100 for campus package – the 2-day plan with 225MB of on-campus iPhone data
  • Naira 200 package – it is a 5-day option with 210MB of regular data and 52MB or bonus, and you are welcome to receive it via *127*56#
  • Naira 200 for campus usage – the 4-day set with 450MB of on-campus mobile data
  • 200 Naira flex package – it is a 1-day option with 1GB of mobile data through *127*60#
  • Naira 500 plan – the 14-day package promises you 800MB of data along with another 200MB of bonus through *127*57#
  • Naira 500 for campus usage – the 7-day package with over 1GB of on-campus mobile data
  • 500 Naira flexi plan – this is a weekly plan with 3GB of plan plus weekends via *127*61#
  • 1000 Naira option – this one-month package offers 1.6GB along with 400MB of bonus once you dial *127*53#

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iPhone in Nigeria
  • Naira 1000 for campus usage – the 15-day package with over 2GB of on-campus mobile data
  • 2000 Naira data plan – another monthly option with 3.65GB along with another 850MB of data for *127*55#
  • Naira 2000 for campus usage – the 30-day package with over 4GB of on-campus mobile data
  • 2500 Naira package – the quick code *127*58# brings you 5.75GB and 1.45GB of mobile data for a month
  • 3000 Naira option – using a number *127*54#, you can enjoy 7GB plus 1.75GB of mobile data for a 30-day period
  • 4000 Naira offer – it ends up with 10GB plus 2.5GB of data per a month via *127*59#
  • 5000 Naira package – the simple code *127*2# offers 12.5GB plus 3.1GB of data for 30 days
  • Naira 5000 for campus usage – the 30-day package with over 11GB of on-campus mobile data
  • 5000 Naira flex package – it is a weekend plus nights on weekdays option with 12GB of mobile data through *127*7#

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Glo data plan for iPhone in Nigeria with codes
  • 6000 Naira flex package – it is a 30-day option with 4GB of mobile data through *127*5#
  • 6000 Naira flex package – it is a day-usage option (from 8 am until 9 pm) with 12GB of mobile data through *127*6#
  • 8000 Naira plan – the quick number *127*1# subscribes you to a 30-day usage of 20GB along with extra 5GB of data as a bonus
  • 10000 Naira offer – this is a 30-day plan with 26GB along with 6.5GB of data through one subscription number *127*11#
  • 15000 Naira plan – the one-month option brings 42GB along with 10.5GB of bonus via *127*12#
  • 15000 Naira flex package – it is a 3-month option with 12GB of mobile data through *127*4#
  • 18000 Naira package – you can receive 50GB plus 12.5GB of mobile data through *127*13#
  • 20000 Naira option – Glo iPhone users can enjoy 63GB plus 15.75GB of data via *127*33#

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These are Glo subscription plans for all iPhone users from Nigeria. You can choose the most interesting and suitable option for yourself and switch a plan whenever you want to try something different.

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