Ankara high waist trousers: best designs

Ankara high waist trousers: best designs

We have gathered for you the best designs of Ankara high waist trousers. Nigerian ladies have an active lifestyle. It’s no wonder that apart from the feminine skirts and dresses they should have several models of trendy pants. Ankara high waist trousers allow creating convenient and unordinary images for every day.

Ankara high waist trousers: best designs

The understated waist and even standard height of the female trousers go back to the past, making room for the high waist pants. Designers focus attention on the woman’s slender waist and smooth bending of the hips. So the legs visually seem longer, the figure becomes more proportional, and the silhouette is taut.

Ankara high waist trousers with belt

Trendy Ankara high waist trousers are as feminine and practical as possible in this season. Fashion gurus decided to avoid stunning experiments in 2018. The wide models are still in trend. Besides, culottes are popular with many fashionistas. Gradually flared trousers and breeches come into vogue. Moreover, trousers with various floral motifs and reptile prints are in fashion too.

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Ankara yellow high waist trousers

In addition to all this diversity, Nigerian designers offer their variations on the theme of total look and the bright combination of Ankara female trousers with a dress.

In this season the trendy colors for pants are all tones of yellow and golden gamma:

  • beige
  • ocher
  • khaki
Ankara red high waist trousers

and also

  • green
  • red
  • blue
  • terracotta

Let’s start our review with the classic options of Ankara trouser styles for ladies.

Ankara classic high waist trousers

Classic Ankara high waist trouser

Despite the variety of strict skirts’ designs, the basis of the woman’s office wardrobe is the trousers with the classic tailoring. Thanks to the latest trends classic pants began to play with new colors. Now they are slightly shorter. Their length is slightly higher than the ankles. Due to the original methods of cutting, they began to look much more interesting.

Ankara high waist trousers with trim

For example, classic trousers may have an asymmetric cut at the bottom or coquette and crease-wrinkles on the hips. Such design techniques bring the classic style to a free casual style.

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Ankara light blue high waist trousers

In 2018, we can see unusual for classic style colors:

  • powder pink
  • light blue
  • fuchsia

In this case, Ankara patterns for such models should be very delicate and gentle.

Ankara wide high waist trousers

Ankara wide high waist pants

Wide Ankara high waist trousers

Undoubted hits of 2018 are wide trousers-pipe of maxi length and voluminous culottes. They are the most stylish versions of Ankara high waist trousers. Wide trousers-pipe should be very long and close the footwear.

Ankara high waist culottes

For the hot weather, you will not lose, if you pick up flared culottes. It’s an ideal decision for the image in casual style. Some models are made with cuffs as they stay relevant this season too.

Ankara flared high waist trousers

Ankara flared high waist pants

Flared Ankara high waist trousers

Flared pants, newly appeared on the fashion podiums a couple of years ago, didn’t get wide distribution. But today they have some interesting details in their tailoring:

  • multilayer folds
  • chiffon inserts
  • lateral incisions (from the ankle to the knees)

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Ankara narrow high waist trousers

Ankara narrowed pants

The love of all street-style fans is a skinny fit. Bright, colorful narrowed pants are still on trend. Though the skinny slowly move into the male’s fashion, following the trend towards gender neutrality.

Ankara shortened high waist trousers

Ankara shortened trousers

One of the eternal trends is the pants with an open ankle. It’s a vivid example of trends’ moving from year to year. The length 7/8 is found in almost all styles from the skinny to sports and even retro models.

Palazzo trousers made with Ankara

Ankara palazzo high waist trousers

Palazzo trousers made with Ankara

Since the end of 2015, these wide and skirt-looking pants have gained popularity. And now they are on the crest of glory. Ankara palazzo trousers may have classic tailoring. Otherwise, they can be decorated with an abundance of folds, creases, and trims. The fashion critics predict that palazzo pants will be in vogue for at least a couple more seasons.

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Ankara high waist trouser suit

Ankara high waist pant suit

Ankara high waist trouser suits

The designers decided to break the stereotype of a boring business suit finally. Trouser suits in 2018 can have a bright Ankara floral or leopard print. The jacket is now not necessarily worn on a blouse or shirt. Ankara trouser suit can be worn with T-shirts and short tops. After all, the trouser suit has long ceased to be clothing exclusively for the office. High waist pants and Ankara crop top can make a bright image for the street style.

Ankara high waist pants and top

A combination of trousers and a jacket or tunic from different sets is also in fashion. The main thing is that pants and top must fit in style.

Ankara high waist pants with a dress

Ankara high waist trousers with a dress

Ankara pants with a dress

Such unusual combination as Ankara pants and a dress is in trend this season. Choose a transparent dress from a light, weightless fabric. Chiffon, organza, gas - all these materials are used by designers to create fashion sets of dress and Ankara trousers. Also, such dress can be made from the same Ankara fabric as pants. But the color and pattern can differ.

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Ankara high waist trousers with side stripes

Ankara pants with trendy side stripes

The side stripes have been firmly in the top of fashion solutions for several years already. Each designer presented his or her version of trend pants with side stripes. A combination of classic tailoring and side stripes of another color looks perfect.

Ankara high waist trousers with a snake print

Ankara high waist trousers with a snake print

The top position among trendy prints is occupied by the snake pattern. The other ‘reptiles’ are also in fashion. The snake print’s colors can both coincide with the natural reptile colors and sharply differ.

Ankara high waist trousers with a floral print

Ankara pants with a floral print

Ankara fabrics have a huge variety of floral prints and patterns for making trendy pants with floral motifs. The flowers can be for every taste - large, small, bright or pastel. The trousers’ tailoring with a floral print can be different. Skinny, classic trousers, flared pants and culottes can allow the patterns of flowers.

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Ankara high waist total look

Ankara high waist trousers in total look

Total look in Ankara style

Trendy image of the same color palette is gaining momentum. The total look style is named ‘full harmony.’ It continues to lead the trends 2018. Almost every designer has picked up the top and trousers exactly coinciding both in color and texture. Nigerian fashionistas create beautiful total looks combining Ankara high waist trousers with Ankara:

  • tops
  • blouses
  • shirts
  • tunics
Ankara high waist trouser look

As you see, choosing trendy Ankara trouser styles does not make any problems. In season 2018, there is a place for a variety of Ankara high waist pants. If you like classic models, choose wide trousers to the floor or flared culottes of light colors with delicate patterns. And if you prefer bright clothing, pay attention to non-standard models with bright floral motifs or a reptile print.

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