Nigerian Naval ranks lowest to highest

Nigerian Naval ranks lowest to highest

The Nigerian Navy officers are highly admired and respected in the country. Navy officer is a prestigious job everywhere. Apart from serving their native land, they also earn a good amount of money. Lots of young people in Nigeria would like to join the Nigerian Navy and would like to know the Nigerian Navy ranks. Here, we will present you the list of Nigerian Naval ranks lowest to highest.

Nigerian Naval ranks lowest to highest

Ranks in the Nigerian Navy

Nigerian Navy is an important part of Nigerian Armed Forces. Nigeria can be proud because the navy in our country is actually one of the largest in Africa. Thousands of people serve in it. The Navy has its own system of ranking, which is entirely different from the system of Nigerian Army or Air Force. The salary differs from the other branches too because it is measured by the entire different scale.

Nigerian Navy officers are divided into the following groups: the commissioned and non-commissioned officers. The non-commissioned officers are accepted into the Navy even without the higher education and the university degree. The fields they are involved in are the physical aspect of military strategy and the coordination. On the other hand, the commissioned officers have to make more crucial decisions and become leaders in the Navy. To become a commissioned Navy officer, you will need a university degree.

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The commissioned officers are more respected than the non-commissioned ones. They also earn more money and hold the higher Navy ranks. The commissioned officers also have control over non-commissioned ones, who have to follow their commands.

Navy officers

The ranks of the non-commissioned officers from the lowest to highest are:

  1. Trainee
  2. Ordinary Rating
  3. Able Rating
  4. Leading Rating
  5. Petty Officer
  6. Chief Petty Officer
  7. Warrant Chief Petty Officer

The ranks of the commissioned officers from the lowest to highest are:

  1. Mid-shipman
  2. Acting sub-lieutenant
  3. Sub-lieutenant
  4. Lieutenant
  5. Lieutenant commander
  6. Commander
  7. Captain
  8. Commodore
  9. Vice-Admiral
  10. Admiral
  11. Admiral of the Fleet

According to the 2017 information, the highest-ranking Nigerian Navy officers, from Commander to Admiral, earn approximately between N3,300,000 and N16,300,000. So, this is a good salary if you are really qualified for it.

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Nigerian Navy servants

Joining the Nigerian Navy: what are the requirements?

The Nigerian Navy recruitment is held every year. Usually, it happens in summer, so you should track the official Navy website for the recruitment announcements around that time. It is free of charge – the only thing you have to do is apply online by filling the special form.

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You have to possess at least one of the educational or professional certificates that will indicate your qualification. All the applicants have to provide certificates indicating that they completed primary school. You can add the proof of your extra skills because sometimes they can be useful for the selection committee. For more requirements, you should go on the official Navy website.

Keep in mind that faking educational or professional qualification leads not only to removal from the Navy but also a criminal liability. People who have a certain disability or health problems are not eligible for applying into the Navy.

The basic requirements are:

  • Candidate has to be between 18-22 years old at the time of the training school entry.
  • Candidate should not be in marriage nor have children before joining the Navy.
  • Candidate has to be of the Nigerian origin.
  • Candidate has to print out the necessary forms for the application.
  • Candidate has to be free from any criminal involvement or legal accusations.

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Navy in Nigeria

Now you know everything about the ranking of Nigerian Navy and basic requirements for applying for service there.

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