Top 10 weird animals and their homes

Top 10 weird animals and their homes

Our world is a peculiar place. Humanity has been around for millennia, and yet we still know so little about what surrounds us. What we do know, however, is that there are lots of weird animals in the world, who look so strange that even the scientists are stumped. Today, we will tell you about ten especially odd animals and their homes. Join us on this exciting adventure!

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It was insanely hard to narrow our list to only 10 weird animals of the world. Nevertheless, after some lengthy deliberation, we have decided on our picks. Let us show you some strange and sometimes funny animal pictures, as well as give you weird animals facts to sweeten the deal. Let’s go!

Red-lipped batfish / Rosy-lipped Batfish


We wanted to start off our list with this truly bizarre creature. The batfish perpetually looks like it is wearing bold lipstick, and we are here for it. Even though it is technically a fish, it is actually a very poor swimmer. Instead of swimming, it uses its fins to ‘walk’ on the sea bottom.

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What is also fascinating is that even though the brightly coloured lips are this fish’s signature trait, scientists have no idea why they look like that. Unlike other animals with distinct features, this one does not seem to be using it to its advantage.

Now, you might be thinking that Red-lipped and Rosy-lipped batfish are the same fish, when, in fact, these are two different species. Red-lipped batfish (Ogcocephalus darwini) lives off Peru and around the Galapagos Islands at 3-76 metres below sea level. Rosy-Lipped Batfish, on the other hand, lives near the shore of Costa Rica, close to the Cocos Island at 35-150 metres.

Glaucus Atlanticus (Blue Dragon)

blue dragon

Here we have another sea creature that, despite looking very unusual, stuns with its visage. Often regarded as Blue Dragon for its unique shape and colour, it usually does not grow bigger than 8 centimetres. Unlike our previous pick, which is a bottom dweller, this one prefers to float on the surface.

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You can find these tiny slugs in the tropical waters around the coast of South Africa, the east side of Australia and even in European waters. Now, if your first instinct was ‘where can I get one of these for myself?’, you better hold your horses, as Blue Dragon has a very specific diet of hydrozoans that you cannot get at your local pet shop. So feast your eyes from afar.

The Pacu Fish

pacu fish

When you look at the picture on the left, you might not be able to guess why this fish has ended up on this list. But a single glance at a picture on the right will tell you exactly why. This fish has human teeth! How insane is that? Ok, maybe not necessarily human, but doesn’t it look like someone has photoshopped those teeth?

Pacus can most often be found in the waters of South America, and let us tell you, they have scared many a fisherman with their pearly whites. Especially taking into account that they can grow up to a metre in length. Moreover, it is said that this fish has a particular taste for male nether regions, so be extra careful while swimming in the South American waters.

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The Saiga Antelope


You know, there are some wild animals that, when you look at them, make you think that there must have been a mistake. Something must have gone wrong in God’s kitchen, and He spilled a wrong ingredient in the creation bowl. That is what the Saiga antelopes make us think.

This snouty animal has probably drawn a short straw in the lottery, as, in addition to its highly unusual appearance, these poor creatures have been hunted down for centuries, and now they are critically endangered. You can only find the Saiga antelopes in Mongolia and Kazakhstan, as well as in several nature parks, where they are kept under protection.

Sea Pig

sea pig

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The last thing we have ever expected to find at the bottom of the sea is a pig, especially when it bares barely any resemblance to its dirt-dwelling counterpart. And yet here we are, staring at this pink wiggly thing, which is technically a sea cucumber.

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You can find these guys scuttling on the bottom of the ocean almost everywhere on the planet. Nevertheless, good luck finding one, as they like to hide very deep (up to 6 km deep).

Dumbo Octopus


Now, how about a little adorableness to boost your day? This precious little octopus named after the Disney elephant should do the trick! Just look at it, isn’t it cute? It has tiny little tentacles and even teeny ears, aww.

Unfortunately, just like the Sea Pig, this little ball of cuteness lives so deep that most of us will never get a chance to see it. Dumbo octopi can be found as low as 7,000 metres deep pretty much in every ocean. However, if you are a marine biologist or a deep sea diver, tell these babies we said hi!

Yeti Crab

yeti crab

Everyone is looking for the yeti in the mountains, when they should have looked in the ocean! It was discovered not that long ago (2005) and nicknamed the Yeti crab due to its ‘hairy’ shell. Later, it turned out that this was no crab, which was why a whole new category was created and named Kiwaidae after the Polynesian goddess of shellfish.

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The first specimen was found on the hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean along the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge. Since then, the scientists have managed to find another species from the same family, but the research is still ongoing.

Sunda Colugo


Let’s move away from the sea creatures for a second and look at the Sunda flying lemur. Despite its compact shape, it can stretch itself wide and glide for up to 100 metres in the air. What is also worth mentioning is that even though it is called a flying lemur, it is not a lemur and it cannot fly (on its own, that is).

Sunda Colugo are fairly common for the gardens and forests Southeast Asia, and you can spot them zipping over your head. Judging from the photo, it must be quite the view :) Especially if you see those big eyes staring at you.



It is time we add a bird to this list. For us bird lovers, it was hard to pick one, as they do not look particularly weird, jus fascinating. And then we found potoos. What is even going on with them? They resemble poorly taxidermied owls with oversized bright yellow eyes, and their mouths look absolutely ridiculous and humongous.

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Several subspecies of potoos can be found in the forests of Central and South America. However, this bird is not so easily spotted. When it is not making weird noises that resemble an angsty teenager screaming at his mom to close the door, they can easily blend in with their surroundings.



As you might have already guessed, aquatic creatures occupy the most places on this list. This is mostly because the ocean is vastly unexplored, but what little we do know about it is usually weird. Now, this particular specimen is unlike anything we have ever seen.

Opisthoproctus soleatus, often regarded as barreleye, received its nickname because of its strange tubular eyes that usually point upwards. Even though it looks like it has two tiny eyes at the front, it actually has two large (green) eyes under a transparent dome.

It is highly unlikely that you will ever get to encounter this peculiar fish in real life, as it usually dwells on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean (300-800 metres). Although, if you ever see it, do take more pictures of it, as it is incredibly fascinating!

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These are our picks of ten strange animals that share this planet with us. There are so many more weird animals we would love to tell you about, but alas, this is just an article, not an encyclopaedia. What is the most peculiar creature you have ever encountered? Let us know in the comments. Pictures are also appreciated :)

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