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University of Guelph graduate programs

University of Guelph graduate programs

Recognized as one top educational institution in Canada, the University of Guelph offers about 100 Graduate Programs and all of them are internationally recognized as leaders in their fields. Education in the University will help you to achieve excellent results in groundbreaking research, preparing you for industry or further studies.

University of Guelph graduate programs

University of Guelph graduate programs

College of Arts

College of Arts provides research in performing arts. Such course serves the society by exploring the depth and breadth of human experience, in the past and the present, to help our world chart a course for the future.

University of Guelph graduate programs

School of English and Theatre Studies

  • Creative writing Mfa
  • Theatre studies Ma
  • Literary studies/theatre Studies in english Phd
  • School of fine art and music Studio art Mfa
  • Culture Ma

School of Languages and Literatures

University of Guelph graduate programs
  • European studies Ma
  • French studies Ma
  • Latin american and Caribbean studies Ma
  • History Ma, Phd (joint program with university of waterloo and wilfrid laurier university)
  • Philosophy Ma, Phd

College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

University of Guelph graduate programs

CSAHS is committed to making a difference in everyday lives. Graduates have an opportunity to do researches in an internationally recognized faculty in areas such as individual/family and workplace health/policy and governance/the environment/globalization.

  • Applied nutrition man
  • Criminology and criminal Justice policy Ma
  • Family relations and applied Nutrition Msc, Phd
  • Geography Ma, Msc, Phd
  • Political science Ma, Phd
  • Sociology and anthropology
  • Public issues anthropology Ma

College of Business and Economics

University of Guelph graduate programs

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Graduates in the College of Business and Economics acquire professional skills, analytical business tools and a deep understanding of human behavior. So any of students can advance individual careers and respond imaginatively to the social and environmental challenges facing business and society today.

Executive Programs

  • Business administration Mba
  • Leadership studies Ma (leadership)
  • Marketing and consumer studies Msc
  • Market research Gdip.
  • Tourism and hospitality Msc
  • Tourism research Gdip.

College of Biological Science

University of Guelph graduate programs
  • Human health and nutritional sciences
  • Integrative biology Ms
  • Molecular and cellular biology Msc, Phd

Ontario Agricultural College

University of Guelph graduate programs

Canada’s most ranked agricultural research institution that provides diverse opportunities for researches in food, agriculture, communities and the environment.

  • Animal biosciences Msc, Phd
  • Food, agricultural and Resource economics Msc, Mfare, Phd
  • Food safety and quality assurance Msc, Gdip.
  • Plant agriculture Msc, Phd
  • Capacity development and Extension Msc
  • Landscape architecture Mla
  • Rural planning and development Msc (planning)
  • Rural studies Phd
  • Environmental sciences Msc, Mes, Phd

Ontario Veterinary College

University of Guelph graduate programs

Globally recognized, innovatory research at the OVC focuses on improving animal health and well-being/prevention/diagnosis/treatment of animal diseases and welfare issues.

  • Biomedical sciences Msc, Mbs, Phd., Dvsc
  • Clinical studies Msc, Gdip., Dvsc
  • Pathobiology Msc, Phd., Gdip., Dvsc
  • Population medicine Msc, Phd., Dvsc
  • Public health Mph, Gdip.

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

University of Guelph graduate programs

The college provides an excellent number of graduate programme powered by cutting-edge facilities/partnerships including The Guelph Advanced Analysis Centre/Electrochemical Technology Centre/TRIUMF/Canadian Light Source/SHARCNET/MITACS/Canadian Water Network/the Institute for Quantum Computing/the Advanced Food and Materials Network.

  • Chemistry Msc, Phd.
  • Computer science Msc.
  • Engineering Masc, Meng, Phd.
  • Engineering design of sustainable water resource Systems, Gdip.
  • Modeling applications in water resources engineering Gdip.
  • Mathematics and statistics Msc, Phd.
  • Physics Msc, Phd.
University of Guelph graduate programs

The University of Guelph is considered one of the best research universities in Canada, which for two consecutive years ranked first place in the category of "Best University in All Indicators" in the rating by Canadian Maclean's Magazine.

Guelph University graduate programs are globally recognized and are preferred by lots of international students who decided to receive the most cutting-edge knowledge.

University of Guelph graduate programs

The university has of 10 colleges, but the veterinary and agricultural faculties are very popular. The University occupies a leading position in the field of biotechnology and the science of flora and fauna.

Guelph University, is proud of its highly qualified teaching staff, 12 university professors belong to the Royal Scientific Society of Canada.

95.9% of graduates of the university find work six months after graduation, especially in the food industry and agriculture, which indicates the high quality of education in this institution.

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