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PayPal account in Nigeria: tricks and tips

PayPal account in Nigeria: tricks and tips

PayPal in Nigeria is a popular concern for all those people who want to make online transactions of funds quickly and reliably. PayPal is one of the most popular payment systems in the world. So, what’s there between PayPal and Nigeria?

Does PayPal work in Nigeria

How does PayPal work in Nigeria?

The payment system does operate in Nigeria, it’s true. However, compared to other countries where it is also available, PayPal in Nigeria has certain restrictions. That is, you are able to make payments online but can’t receive payments or withdraw cash from your account.

Does PayPal work in Nigeria

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It is reported that the reason for this situation is the fact that many years back, when PayPal functioned fully in Nigeria, there were too many scammers who wanted to deceive people, pretending to be selling goods on eBay. They say that it’s due to this fraud that PayPal has refused to work fully with Nigeria.

However, no matter what the reasons are, the payment system works as it does nowadays and everything you can do now is put up with the current shape of things. There are several useful tips you should remember to take all the available advantages of PayPal in Nigeria.

PayPal in Nigeria things to know

Does PayPal work in Nigeria

In spite of the fact that PayPal doesn’t let Nigerians receive money on their account, you still have a way out. You just need to have a reliable friend or relative who lives in the USA or a European country where PayPal allows withdrawal of funds from the account.

  • Ask the friend to create an account for you from their homeland and with their personal details. The person should be ready to help you and provide their documents for the identification when and in case it’s necessary
  • After the creation of the account, you will need the username and password. Having them, you will be able to enter the account from Nigeria whenever you need
  • In a while, you will most likely need to pass a security check because the system will detect your Nigerian IP address and will want your documents. This is when your friend will need to scan their documents and send them to PayPal
Does PayPal work in Nigeria

This simple scheme will help you receive money on your PayPal account as if you were an American or European citizen. However, to perform all these steps, your friend should have no PayPal account of their own yet. In the end, this same friend will be able to withdraw the funds from the account in their country and send them to you via any money transfer service line Moneygram or Western Union.

You should not trust anyone who promises to create you a PayPal account from Nigeria, which will have no restrictions or limits. This is a fraud and you will simply lose your money. In case you need a PayPal account to make payments and not to withdraw funds, you can create the account yourself easily.

Open a PayPal account in Nigeria

Does PayPal work in Nigeria

You can open a PayPal account from Nigeria to be able to make online payments with the help of this reliable system. Just enter the official website and perform the following simple steps:

  • Click “Sign up” and choose “Personal”
  • Click “Continue” and choose “Nigeria” in the dropdown menu
  • Fill out the “Email” and “Password” boxes with your valid email address (you will need it for verification procedures) and a reliable password (the one, which is hard to guess for scammers and which consists of both numbers and letters)
  • Make sure you remember, which email you have entered and the password you have created
  • Proceed to filling out other boxes with other personal details like your name, address, birth date, and phone number
Does PayPal work in Nigeria
  • Make sure the address you have just entered matches exactly the one you’ve rendered when opening your bank account. This is called your billing address.
  • Continue to the next stage where the system will ask you to fill out the box with your bank card details.
  • Proceed to the verification process. Go to the email box you have provided, find the email from PayPal and follow their instructions to pass the verification procedure
  • Now you have a PayPal account.

You can also link your card to the PayPal account to create a PayPal wallet. You can link more than one card if you wish. Again, go to your email and verify the operation. Your account is created, your card or cards are linked, and you are free to use the PayPal system.

How to substitute a PayPal account in Nigeria?

Does PayPal work in Nigeria

Having a PayPal account is not the only option if you want to pay and receive funds. For instance, you can take advantage of a Payoneer card, which allows receiving payments for freelance work, goods or services you offer. The same you can have from other online services that transfer money. In case nothing of the mentioned works for you, take advantage of the good old bank transfers.

After all, in case you need to receive money for something you have sold or done for another person, you can use money transfer services like Western Union or others. It’s a good option for freelance workers in Nigeria, yet, it’s necessary to convince clients that there are no other available options for you.

Does PayPal work in Nigeria

Another great alternative is Skrill. You can send funds, pay funds, and receive funds with the help of Skrill. It is sometimes even better than Pioneer because you don’t need to deal with dollars and fight restrictions for dollar transactions.

These are the alternatives, which may be not as good and convenient as PayPal but more effective for you. This is what you will definitely love with time.

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