Nigerian philanthropist Osagie publicly apologises to his wife

Nigerian philanthropist Osagie publicly apologises to his wife

- Few months ago, Nigerian philanthropist allegedly beat his wife to stupor and it hit major headlines

- The case of domestic violence led to a separation

- Osagie recently shared a post, publicly apologising to the mother of his children

A Nigerian philanthropist, Osagie Dion, made headlines when he allegedly beat up his wife, Winifred and locked her up against her will. Months after the domestic violence case, he wrote a letter on Facebook, apologising to his wife publicly.

The couple tied the knot on June 8, 2016, and the issue of battering was said to have started shortly after they began to live out their happily ever after. It appears Osagie is sorry for the wrongs and wants a chance to make it right.

In a recent post shared on Facebook on March 11, the aggrieved husband wrote a lengthy letter apologising to her as well as admitting his wrong. He accompained the letter with lovely photos of them. The post read: "Open letter to my wife. Life is not always a bed of roses.

"Dear Wife, I hope you are enjoying your vacation this far. I write this letter with so much love for you in my heart. I am struggling to find words I can use to lessen the hurt that I may have caused you but then again actions speak louder and I will rather show you.

I offer no excuse for my silly ways and I can only say I’m deeply sorry for having to put you through any drama because you simply do not deserve it. I’m certainly not asking for your total forgiveness but I’m appealing for time to allow me the chance to put right all the wrongs things.

I know it won’t be easy but I want to rebuild that trust and make things even better between us. It has been my attitude to correct every wrong not just with you but with everyone including those who hurt me. I am a man who is certainly not afraid to let the world know how much I love my wife and I have always dreamed to use my marriage as the perfect example to the world how marriage should be. I may fall short sometimes doesn't mean I am bad. I may have my flaws but I am confident that I am better than most husbands.

Believe me or not, it is not easy to live in a 4 wall corner of a house with a person from a total different background as yours. It takes a lot of challenges to get things right. However, we must not only look at the negative aspects of our lives.. We should also look at the positive vibes. Those times we have made each other smile, it has not been so bad all the way. Many marriages face challenges but the ability to overcome them is why it is called marriage. Remember you have sang "Katopot of envy several times" �

I want to save this marriage of ours. We have gone through so much together. I know you have put a lot on hold for me which I do not take for granted. I also want you to know that I have great plans for you. If we fail to plan, we plan to fail. I don't want to be a failure and I will never be one. I know sorry wouldn’t be enough to alleviate your pain and erase the bad memories.

What I fervently hope for now is for you to give me a chance to make you happy again and prove to you that I can be a better husband. Remember, I am not perfect, you are not perfect, no one in the world is perfect, God sees our imperfectly perfectly. Like you always say, it is a greater strength to forgive. I hereby request your greatness. We all have been broken at some points but we are certainly not beyond repair.

Over 1000 persons, family and friends around the world have reach out to you to express their love and concern.. If you can't forgive me, at least for their sake it is necessary you do. Always remember because of my work, service to humanity, the devil will always try to break me. If you stop loving me, they have won, If stoping my work will make you more happy then I will. Never forget you are my Godsent. Just Incase you decide to leave me, you must invite everyone that was present at the introduction, traditional wedding and white wedding to attend the divorce ceremony. As for me, I am not leaving and it is for better or for worse according to the altar of God you believe in. Darling, I’m sorry once again.

Thanks for being a great mother to all my boys. Happy mother day! Together we can."

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Nothing has been heard from the wife who has exited their family home in Edo state, Benin, after the incident which changed the direction of their marriage.

Meanwhile, another lady who was almost beaten to death by her fiance recently narrated the traumatic experience.

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