Who is the president of USA now?

Who is the president of USA now?

Donald Trump was elected as 45th president of the USA in 2016. He won the election from Democrat Hillary Clinton, and become the oldest president of the USA in history at the age of 70. Trump came to power on a wave of irritation by the political establishment, which, as it has become clear today, is felt by the majority of American voters.

Who is the president of usa now

President of USA

If one asks who is the president of America – the answer is Donald Trump. On the one hand, the populist approach, the confrontational style of polemic and the complete reluctance to play by the established rules, created Trump a lot of enemies and record unpopularity, including among the party members.

Nevertheless, the absolute non-correctness of the billionaire and his ability to mobilize the anger and irritation of the voters brought him real chances to become president of the United States. Still, the vast majority of society did not know until the end who will be the president of the United States.

Donald Trump during the pre-election debate

Who is the president of usa now?

The political establishment of the United States, who used to play in a political field using specific rules was entirely helpless against Trump. Trump usually addressed those who thought of politics as evil, and politicians as crooks.

Many citizens of the former industrial centers were faced with a lack of income and prospects. In Trump, they saw a man ready to thoroughly shake out the hated establishment in Washington and take drastic measures.

Another element of success is the incredible charisma of a Republican candidate. On the stage, Trump is a classic populist: he uses broad promises, for example, "to make America great again."

Who is the president of usa

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Trump also used jokes from the repertoire of stand-comic comedians. He even performed pantomimes, parodying the physical flaws of opponents.

The same time Trump lexicon was very simple and understandable for most of Americans:

  • "dishonest system."
  • "losers"
  • "weaklings"
  • "failed policies"
  • "disaster reforms"

Trump's ideas of confrontation

Who is the presiden

The ideas of confrontation and the struggle with the "dishonest system" are a red thread through Trump's proposals. In his opinion, there are many "dishonest" in the world, and this must be eliminated - by negotiations, and even by force. He dismissed the related criticism, saying that he can "get along" with all world leaders because he is a businessman and knows how to negotiate correctly.

However, the pragmatism of the businessman did not prevent Trump from thinking that if the rules do not fit the requirements of the moment, they can be changed immediately. Including unilaterally. "America is in the first place - always!" - he explained.

Who is the president of us

Trump's admirers were impressed by his independence from the political establishment. The directness with which he denounced modern politicians and radical options for solving long-overdue problems.

Someone trusted his experience as a business manager and the ability to "solve problems," including with other countries. Someone simply believed that America under Trump "will be great again."

Opponents of the Republican, on the contrary, considered his inexperience in politics as a minus, since he has never been able to solve a lot of problems not related to his business. They seriously feared that, as president, the unpredictable Trump would reconcile the US with the allies, and with the enemies will unleash a war. Therefore he "cannot trust a nuclear button." Trump's billions put to him as a sign of "remoteness from the people," whose aspirations are not close to him.

Nevertheless, for a short time of his political career, Trump proved the main thing: he can be treated differently, but he cannot be ignored.

Trump’s salary

Who is the president

According to Trump, he refused from the salary of the president. Still, the law requires him to receive not less then a dollar for work, and he agreed.

Usually, US presidents receive about 400 thousand dollars a year. Also, the American leader can dispose of the account for personal expenses of 50 thousand dollars a year. The owner of the White House also has access to a travel fund for 100 thousand dollars and 19 thousand - for entertainment.

Now you know who is the president of the united states - a famous businessman Donald Trump. He is known for several decades as a successful businessman. His actual financial position estimates 3.7 billion dollars.

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