Phyno latest cars and house

Phyno latest cars and house

Phyno latest cars and houses are always in public limelight. Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike, known under the pseudonym Phyno, is one of the most famous rap artists in Nigeria. The rapper, besides his popularity, is very rich. He earns on his songs, advertising on TV/Internet. Phyno has won a significant number of awards in the music industry and many times was recognized as a man of the year.

Phyno latest car

Who is Phyno?

Phyno is one of the most famous and wealthy rappers in Nigeria, who became famous in many ways thanks to how he writes and performs his songs. He sings in his native Igbo language, using a compilation of English and Nigerian pidgin. His career began as a producer, but he witnessed real success as a rap artist.

About Phyno

Phyno latest ca

He was born as fourth child in the family and starting from school years, he had always wanted to become a pilot. However, his destiny had other plans for him. After school, he went to IMT and studied public administration. His pseudonym is an abbreviation for the word phenomenon, which the performer received back in school years from one of his friends.

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His professional career began in the second year of the university. On the advice of Illbliss in 2010, Phyno moved to Lagos and began to take an active interest in rap and record his first tracks.

Phyno latest car

Phyno latest car

One of the most recent and most favorite artist’s car is the Bentley Continental GT.

The Bentley Continental GT is the ultimate expression of the modern Bentley Grand Tourer. This car effortlessly combines a massive performance with an expressed luxury, individuality and sophistication, which is famous for the company Bentley Motors.

Bentley - one of the most prestigious British companies with a world-wide reputation, producing luxury cars - coupes, convertibles, sports cars. Each car of this brand is assembled by hand, and the finishing is done only with high-quality materials, which indicates a high taste of themanufacturer.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Bentley cars enjoy special popularity and attention, as well as the famous Bentley Continental GT coupe, with the help of which a new world record was set for high-speed driving on ice.

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Despite the fact that the Bentley Continental GT is a two-door coupe, it is designed for four people, and its spacious interior will please the comfort of even the tallest passengers in the rear seats. After all, the car reaches more than two meters in width.

Besides, luxury seats with electric drive and the function of memorizing the positions will help to accommodate as comfortably as possible. The interior of the car is made at the highest level; everything is trimmed with soft leather, the color of which the owner can choose according to his taste. Bentley, will always resemble a dashboard and steering wheel, in the shapes of which the symmetrical lines-the wings of the company's logo are seen.

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The exterior of the car evokes impressive sensations; it merged features of the famous cars of the last century and modern solid executive coupe. The protruding wings, large body shapes, the grille and round headlights erase the time frame in the exterior of the car.

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Wide 21-inch wheels, a bumper merging with the body, and oval metal exhaust nozzles remind of the sporting character and power of the Bentley Continental GT. Initially, this car was equipped with an impressive 12-cylinder unit with a capacity of 6 liters and 575 horsepower. Of course, such an installation consumed a lot of fuel - more than 26 liters.

Phyno latest car4

Therefore, a more economical and attractive variant of the 8-cylinder 4-liter engine was developed recently, which though has slightly lower power, but will impress with impressive dynamics and lower fuel consumption. The interior of the luxury convertible from Bentley comes with a contrasting diamond stitch on the seats and door panels.

The most important thing is under the hood, where a 6.0-liter W12 engine with a capacity of 635 hp was installed. (467 kW) and 820 Nm of torque. The increase in performance compared to the usual model was ten hp. and 20 Nm. Acceleration to hundreds takes about 3.0 seconds, and the maximum speed is 331 km / h for the coupe and 327 km / h for the convertible version.

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Phyno house and cars

Also, the artist has Range Rover Sport and Toyota Avalon.

Range Rover Sport another Phyno's luxury car, a mid-size luxury SUV.

Phyno latest car

Toyota Avalon for daily use. Comfortable car with lots of options and great dynamics. Toyota Avalon is a full-size car by Toyota that has been producing since 1995. The car is produced at the Toyota plant in the US, and is the flagship sedan.

Phyno latest car

As for the house, Phyno bought a luxury mansion in Lekki, Lagos. He bought a multi-million naira three-flat duplex at Chevron Drive.

Phyno latest

Phyno has made dozens of successful collaborations with famous singers, won lots of awards and created a great fan base.

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