The richest hip hop musician in Nigeria

The richest hip hop musician in Nigeria

Today the richest hip-hop musicians in Nigeria are Paul and Peter Okoye - former P-Square duo. Brothers Paul and Peter walk through their long way to such a success. Forbes magazine states that they are the richest musician in Nigeria 2017. Lots of media wrote that they charged N8 million for each show.

The richest hip hop musician in nigeria

Richest musicians in Nigeria and their story

The duo of P-Square began their long journey when they were still pupils in a secondary school in the city of Jos. In the school itself, there was something like a drama circle, where the guys not only sang but also danced.

Over time, in 1997, they created a group called MMMPP. In those years, the guys at all tried to imitate their idol M. Jackson and therefore actively used dance elements during their performances. Later, one of its members Itemoh left the group. Over time, MMPP won the hearts of many fans in their hometown, as they regularly demonstrated incredible dance and vocal talents.

The richest hip hop musician in

Two years later in 1999, the brothers studied music professionally. They enrolled in a music school and began playing on various instruments. The same period they created different soundtracks for films and commercials.

P-Square education

In the same year, the brothers gained admission into the University of Abuja's Faculty of Business Administration. The rest of MMPP members also enter higher education institutions, and gradually the group disintegrates. And it is here that the brothers decided to create their band and choose the name P-Square. Their manager becomes the famous music promoter, Howie T.

The richest hip hop musician

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After their victory at the famous music contest Grab Da Mic, the guys release their first music album, Last Nite. The same year, P-Square won the nomination as "Most Promising African Group." And in 2003 P-Square won the Amen Award in the category of the best R'n'B group.

Having organized their label Square Records in 2005, the guys are releasing their next music album called Get Squared. At that time, they were still working with TJoe Enterprises, which took on the official release of the album and its sale. A video clip for one of the songs of the second album, having got into the rotation of the MTV channel, not only reached the top 1 in the rating of clips, but also the following four weeks kept this position.

P-Square at that time managed to perform with such celebrities as:

  • Ginuwine
  • Sean Paul
  • Akon
The richest hip hop

And in 2007 there was an incredibly commercially successful album Game Over. World sales of the album used a mark of 8 million copies.

In his fourth album, titled Danger (2009), the brothers Peter and Paul worked with:

  • 2 Face Idibia
  • J Martins
  • Frenzy

The video series to the single Danger was made in Eminem rap style, and in general, the style of the songs of the brothers was often compared with the works of the American R'n'B singer Usher Raymond.

The richest hip hop

In April 2010, the group won a prestigious award in the nomination of Artist of the Year at the Kora Awards. After their performance in London at the large-scale Troxy concert, P-Square returns and receives a $ 1 million reward. Starting from that time they became richest musicians in Nigeria.

In August 2014, Paul and Peter made a joint project with one of the most famous R'n'B performers, T.I. The work was called EjeAjo. VTEK also actively worked on the project.

The latest achievements of P-Square

The richest

Already in September 2014, the world witnessed a new studio album Double Trouble. The new album also had a huge success and a good rotation on the radio and TV.

In October 2015, Globacom awarded Paul and Peter with two Range Rovers for their active support of the #DanceWithPeter project. The aim of the project was to find and discover talents from young dancers from all over the world. As the brothers were considered as richest musicians, they actively helped lots of new artists.

The richest hip hop music

Today, P-Square net worth is N15 billion. In 2017 Peter decided to quit from the P-Square and started his career. Still, P-Square are the richest artists in Nigeria.

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