Christian spiritual maturity quotes

Christian spiritual maturity quotes

Maturity is a very important moment in the life of every person. There are even Bible verses about maturity and growth. However, it’s not all about the age. It’s also about the spiritual abilities and understanding of many things in this world. Let’s check out some samples of Christian wisdom.

Christian spiritual maturity quotes

What is maturity for a Christian?

Being an adult due to the number of lived years means maturity in the material world. However, the age alone never means being spiritually developed. It takes a lot of time and effort to bring oneself to real spiritual growth. There are even several recognizable signs of a mature person in the Christian understanding.

Christian spiritual maturity quotes

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  • Mature Christians accept the Holy Bible as it is, without changing or criticizing. It’s very important for a devoted Christian to accept the word of the Lord and never try to adapt it, to excuse their sins with the help of the Bible

Paul in his quotes about growth teaches us to grow through learning about the deeds of the Lord and the ones performed in His name, through the teaching about His deeds and their effect, and through the Holy Spirit that’s in His words.

  • Mature Christians never point out other people’s sins but try to gain forgiveness for their own.

That’s what Jesus said, one of the top spiritual maturity quotes: not to judge other people in order not to be judged. To get rid of a log in your own eye before helping other people get rid of a speck in their eyes. Mature Christians come to a holy place where they can feel comfortable and confess all their sins to the Lord instead of being judges to their neighbors.

Christian spiritual maturity quotes
  • Mature Christians watch their words and know when to speak and when to keep silence

People who lack spiritual maturity prefer speaking their mind out loud without thinking much. However, Jacob says that people make so many mistakes because of uncontrolled tongues. Rage, envy, jealousy often speak through our tongues. Staying calm, serene, peaceful, and in the state of inner harmony is the goal of a Christian person.

  • Mature Christians depend less on themselves and more on Christ

They believe in Jesus’s words when he said that everybody is a branch on a true vine, and the true vine is He. No branch can live on its own, so all the Christians who live under the blessing of the Lord live from Christ. Good Christians know: as branches they can give no fruit if only they are not attached to the vine. Thus, they follow Christ and his commandment to love each other.

  • Mature Christians build up their faith

Jacob says: when we get closer to the Lord, the Lord gets closer to us. If you are giving all your efforts to building your faith up through kindness, self-control, and purity, you will see your blessing grow. If you try hard to prove that you are the ones who have been saved and chosen by the Lord, you will be accepted into His Kingdom and the Kingdom of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Christian spiritual maturity quotes

Mature Christians never stagnate in their faith waiting for the Lord to do all their job instead of them. They grow their faith, self-control, understanding, love and inner peace, and give all their efforts to getting closer to their Lord.

Some Christian quotes about spiritual growth

Christian spiritual maturity quotes

Now, when we know already what it means to be a mature Christian, let’s check out what the Bible and other strong believers say about growing in a spiritual way.

  • Mark Batterson, an American pastor and spiritual author, says that for him, spiritual maturity means getting less conscious of oneself and more conscious about God
  • Oswald Chambers, a famous Scottish Baptist (early 20th century), used to say that reaching true spiritual maturity is possible not through the number of years that have passed but by the obedience to the Lord’s will
  • Andy Stanley, an American pastor, insists that the spiritual maturity is more about the devotedness to faith than the rules of perfect behavior in the human world
  • Will Davis, another pastor, says that if a believer always worries only about being saved, he or she is completely immature from the spiritual point of view and this is one of the most powerful Christian maturity quotes. A mature Christian understands that he or she already has the gift of being saved and worships the Lord out of love
Christian spiritual maturity quotes
  • Mark Dever, a Baptist pastor, also provides us with one of the strongest and powerful maturity quotes, saying that a person who attends church for the sake of salvation and growth is only becoming mature. A truly grown Christian comes to the church because when all the believers gather there they reassemble the body of Christ

Growing spiritually, as you can see, is not gaining grey hair or wrinkles. It’s gaining the never-empty well of love and forgiveness in your heart. It’s being always strong in your faith and wise with the word given by the Holy Spirit.

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