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If you want peace, please let your man be - Kenyan heiress tell ladies

If you want peace, please let your man be - Kenyan heiress tell ladies

Beautiful Kenyan lady who is heiress to Keroche Breweries, Anerlisa shares some relationship tips regarding insecurity that could be helpful.

Insecurity can really be dangerous in a relationship and for one to live happily, there is need to let go of those fears.

According to Anerlisa, women shouldn't let men stress their life, the only thing that they should allow to stress them should be their job and children.

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In her post, she said it is wrong for women to keep nagging and calling their partner just because he isn't yet home on time, a grown up man knows when it is right for him to go home.

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She wrote:

"Ladies a piece of advice. I am not an expert in relationships but I'll address two issues that stress women. If you want peace and happiness, please let your man be. This calling your man every minute because he is out of your sight needs to stop. Call him only if it's urgent. You should never lack sleep because he left at 7pm and by 4am he is not back, he is a grown a*s man who is fully aware of what time he should get back. On the other hand, his phone should be none of your business. You need to trust your man, you cannot stop a man from cheating. The more he feels nagged the more he wants you out of his sight. Those who say that your man will cheat on you, I always ask them " so should we call a press conference and address the issue?"nkt . It should really be none of their business. Put yourself first, love yourself, respect yourself and everything else should be last. Never stress yourself because of a man, if one relationship fails then off to the next one. Have peace of mind and relax. The only thing that should ever stress you are your children and work. Have a great Sunday."

Though she mentioned not being a relationship expert, her opinion might not be agreeable to some since people have many ways they relate with their spouse or partner.

While she feels calling is rather too much unless it is urgent others might see it as an act of care.

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