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Beautiful Nigerian lady Angel Adelaja is growing plants with no soil

Beautiful Nigerian lady Angel Adelaja is growing plants with no soil

- Nigerians continue to set the pace when it comes to innovative ideas

- A Nigerian lady has left people stunned with her unique agricultural idea

- According to reports, she has introduced what is described as 'soiless farming'

With the constant change in the climate condition and the growing population in the world, there is need to scramble for the best possible ways to produce food for mankind. Thus the constant improvisation for a sustainable means of agriculture.

Perhaps it is in this light that a Nigerian lady identified as Angel Adelaja has gone on to created a revolutionary method of agriculture which could be described as 'soiless farming'. Using affordable shipping containers, she has combined vertical farming which is simply growing food in vertically stacked layers, and hydroponics which is growing plants with no soil and little water.

Angle who is a city farmer is the co-founder of We Farm Africa, and she also founded Fresh Direct Produce and Agro-Allied Services, a social enterprise that has spearheaded the movement of hydroponic agriculture in Nigeria.

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In an interview with The Way Women Work, she spoke about what inspired the containers:

"When we started Fresh Direct, we realized that new technology could make the difference that African agriculture needed.Unfortunately, we needed to import the technology and it was too expensive. So we decided to innovate and create our own technology from indigenous materials."

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