How to check Bet9ja booking number

How to check Bet9ja booking number

The site Bet9ja is prediction site and one of the leaders in the market offering bets in sports and other games. Anyone who uses Bet9ja booking number service would need to check it afterwards. If you're not sure of how to do this, just keep reading.

How to check Bet9ja booking number

How can you check your Bet9ja booking number? Where should you search for the best Bet9ja booking numbers that could possibly win and make you the next Nigerian millionaire? Can you use the prediction site or is it not such a good idea? All the answers you will find out in our post.

Bet9ja booking and checking at booking shop

There is no need to register the website if you want to book your bet. It is quick and easy to do online and then to complete at the store:

  • Visit the official Bet9ja site at and don’t get into your personal account if you have one.
  • Stay logged out and place your bet by choosing the number you like and pressing on ‘Bet’ option.
  • You have two options: email yourself your booked bet or print it to check it later on.
  • Go to the Bet9ja shop and show your booked bet on a mobile device or paper.
  • The cashier will place your bet after you pay for it.

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If you want to know whether you have won anything you also can simply go to the Bet9ja shop and ask the cashier to check it for you. If you don't want to go anywhere you can perform your check easily online.

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How to check Bet9ja booking number on the site

Checking your Bet9ja booking number online

You can also look up your Bet9ja booking number yourself (also remember to follow the sports event on TV or over the Internet to monitor the results after you have placed your bet). The process of checking of Bet9ja booking numbers is just as easy to do as reserving your bet. Here is what you should do to check this number online:

Check Bet9ja booking number online
  • Find the ‘Insert Booking Number’ field under the big yellow ‘Register Now’ option.
  • Enter your Bet9ja booking number in the field.
  • Click on ‘Load’ and you’ll see the information you were looking for.

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You can also get the details on your email since the bet book can be sent to your email during the booking process or on paper (if you choose to print this number instead of emailing it).

How to check Bet9ja booking number guide

Since the site states that you can win up to twenty million Naira, you should rely on your fate and luck. You can surely learn all the rules and major booking codes and numbers.

Of course, no one can ever guarantee that you will find the winning booking codes. But if you understand what each code means you can raise your chances to win enough money.

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