Green tea and honey benefits

Green tea and honey benefits

Green tea and honey are the goods that go perfectly well together. Green tea is able to quench your thirst perfectly. It tones up your brain and clears your mind. Honey can provide you with glucose, energy, and strength. What else can you take from these goods? Let’s check out other green tea and honey benefits.

Green tea and honey benefits

Some benefits and precautions

Which precautions? It has been just said that green tea and honey are a perfect thing that is only good for a person! That’s true but the truth is also that everything has benefits and everything has drawbacks. It’s necessary to know how to combine these two natural wonders to receive the most of the green tea and honey health benefits.

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It’s a well-known fact that honey should better not be heated or, what’s more, boiled. It simply loses all its natural strength and all the powers it has. This is why, if you want to receive a totally useful beverage that does you only good, you should mix the tea and honey only when the tea is a bit warmer than the room temperature.

What are the main health benefits of green tea and honey?

Green tea and honey benefits
  • Both honey and green tea contain plenty of amino acids and antioxidants. They are able to tone up the body and strengthen the immune system
  • Honey is rich in vitamins and microelements like phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and manganese. The amount of these minerals is exactly the same as in human blood
  • Tea leaves contain plenty of tannins, which are able to kill dangerous bacteria
  • Green tea can strengthen the weak immune system and sustain the healthy one. It improves mood, cures depressions, and reduces inflammations
  • If you have caught something like flu, such tea can reduce the symptoms like the itching inside your nose, soreness in your throat, and so on
  • Green tea is excellent to cure sleeplessness and improve eyesight. It can calm down the nerve system and prepare it for a deep sleep, during which the entire body will have enough rest

It’s recommended to take about 4 cups of green tea per day. They should not all be with honey because it’s too much after all. Still, taking at least 3 cups of green tea per day, you will increase your chances of having no cancer or heart and blood vessel diseases. It will also reduce the risk of having diabetes and obesity.

At the same time, if you already have diabetes, it’s better for you to take green tea with a lot of carefulness in order to avoid the aggravation of your health condition. Besides that, people who have never tried green tea before should be very careful while drinking it for the first time. There are cases of allergic reactions to green tea leaves or other components these leaves give off into the beverage.

How to cook the best green tea with honey?

Green tea and honey benefits

The specifics of this procedure is in the fact that green tea should not be made in boiling water. The temperature of the water you are pouring into the teapot with the tea leaves inside it should be no higher than 80°C. The water that’s too hot can spoil the taste and ruin all the useful elements in the beverage.

Put only one teaspoon of honey into one cup of green tea, you can also add ginger or lemon. Check out the recipes below:

  • Heat up the water so that it’s 80°C. Quickly peel fresh ginger and add several slices to the hot water. Allow for 5 minutes, add tea, allow for several minutes more, and pour into cups, adding one teaspoon of honey to each.
Green tea and honey benefits

You can drink up to 1 liter of this beverage per day. It will remove the sense of hunger, add energy, and reduce pains if you have inflammatory processes like aching joints, sore throat, and others.

  • Take a piece of fresh peeled ginger root and grate it. Add freshly squeezed juice of two lemon slices and a glass of water. Let the ingredients boil in a saucepan, reduce the fire and cook for 10 minutes. In the meanwhile, prepare the green tea like it was described before. When the tea is ready, combine it with the ginger and lemon, and add honey.

Is green tea and honey good for weight loss?

Green tea and honey benefits

Of course, yes. Green tea is a perfect means that quickens metabolic processes, removes cholesterol, and improves blood circulation. The latter is very important for women because they tend to store fat under their skin in the areas that lack proper circulation.

Green tea with honey and ginger is especially good for weight loss. However, it doesn’t mean that you should drink several liters per day. One jar (about 1 liter) will be enough for the entire day. Besides that, it’s better to reduce this beverage in the evening because ginger will not let you sleep properly.

It’s very important to remember that honey should be added only when the beverage has already cooled down to about 40°C. In case the tea is hotter, honey starts giving off substances that can cause cancer with time. Besides that, hot temperatures ruin vitamins and other useful components of honey.

Green tea and honey benefits

If it’s hot, you can take a double advantage of the slimming effect of green tea. Drink it cold after keeping it in the fridge. Your body will need more energy to warm the beverage up and use more calories, which leads to weight loss.

After all, you can drink green tea with honey instead of having dinner in the evening. It’s a great way to lose weight gradually and healthily.. However, if you decide to replace your evening meal with this tea, make sure it happens a couple of hours before going to bed. Otherwise, you may suffer from sleeplessness.

As you see, green tea with honey is a great beverage that provides you with essential hydration and plenty of other positive effects!

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