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How to get international passport in Nigeria

How to get international passport in Nigeria

If you are searching for ways to get Nigerian international passport easily and without extra fuss, you have landed in the right place. Here you will find a guide through all the available procedures of getting an international passport in Nigeria in the quickest and most cost-effective way.

How to get international passport in Nigeria

Things to know about an international passport

An international passport is a document that allows a person to travel abroad. It’s recognized by all countries in the world and is a very important document for anyone visiting another country or territory. Nigerians often travel a lot, especially business entrepreneurs, so the matter of having an international passport is vital for many people in Nigeria.

How to get international passport in Nigeria

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A person can have an international passport since being only 1 day old and up to the very last days of their life. It doesn’t matter how old you are to be able to apply either on your own or through some representatives (parents, for instance, if the applicant is a child).

There are two main ways to apply for Nigerian international passport in Nigeria: by applying offline in person and via the online application procedures. Below, you will find some essential Nigerian international passport application guidelines. They will help you receive an international passport quickly, easily, and without a stress.

How to apply for Nigerian international passport offline?

How to get international passport in Nigeria

This is the most traditional and common way of getting an international passport for the majority of Nigerians. Applying offline means visiting an immigration service and getting about the procedure with the help of an agent. This method is more expensive than applying onine but it has certain benefits. Let’s return to them a bit later.

Well, to apply for an international passport offline, you will need to provide the following (copies of) documents:

  • The Identification Letter issued by either your local government or the state of your origin
  • The Declaration of Age or your birth certificate
  • The marriage certificate or declaration (for females only), and in some cases you will need to provide some documents that confirm the change of your name
  • The photocopies of your current international passport (if you have one). Your guarantors (your friend or your relative) needs to provide copies of their Identification Cards or driving licenses
  • 2 passport-size photos or 4 to 6 if you provide a marriage declaration or because of your age
How to get international passport in Nigeria

Those people who already have expired international passports and would like to prolong their validity term can deal with it easier. Just take the expired passport and 2 photos to the immigration office.

What’s the benefit of applying offline? Well, you can keep everything under your own control and check the process while your passport is being made. In case you have connections with some officials in the immigration office, you can have your passport done in a wink of an eye. Though it’s somewhat more expensive than applying online, the offline process is still worth considering.

How to apply for Nigerian international passport online?

How to get international passport in Nigeria

The fact is that applying for an international passport online is cheaper and much less stressful. Some people prefer this option. Here’s what you need to do to apply for your document online:

  • Visit the official website of the Nigerian immigration service and open the application form
  • Fill out all the fields with correct information
  • Flag the box, which means that you understand and accept the responsibility for the rendered information
  • Print out the filled form
  • Click the “Submit application” button to go over to the “Applicant Information” page
  • Click the “Online payment” button
  • Enter the details of your payment account
  • Receive the validation number and save it for further use
  • If you need, print out the receipt on the payment
How to get international passport in Nigeria

Here’s what you need to do with the received validation number:

  • Go over to the Nigerian Immigration Service portal to confirm the payment
  • Choose to query the status of your application payment and enter the passport application ID and the reference number
  • When there appears the “Validation Number” field, enter the number from the receipt from your approved payment platform
  • Click the “Record search” button and go over to the “Applicant Information” page where you will find the interview date
  • Print out the Acknowledgement Slip or the Receipt because you will need them during the interview (the Acknowledgement Slip will appear in a new window)

Despite the fact that you are not meeting with any officials in person while applying, you will need the following documents to get a new Nigerian international passport:

  1. The Identification Letter from your local government
  2. Your birth certificate or Declaration of Age
  3. 2 recently taken passport-format pictures
  4. The form sworn by your guarantor before the High Court Judge
  5. The consent letter from parents if the applicant is under 16
  6. The marriage certificate if applicable
  7. The police report in case you’ve lost a passport and now are renewing it
  8. The submitted application to the Embassy

Nigerian international passport application and cost

How to get international passport in Nigeria

Well, the pricing is as follows:

  • A passport with 32 pages costs N12,500 for minors (1 day old to 17 years old) and elderly (60 years and more) and N19,500 for adults (between 18 and 59 years old)
  • A passport with 64 pages costs N24,500 for all categories of applicants

What’s the difference? They are the same with the only difference. You can receive the 64-page passport only after you provide the completely filled 32-page one. So, the 64-page option is mostly for business persons and those who travel a lot.

How to find out when your passport is ready?

How to get international passport in Nigeria

The agent who deals with the processes and production of your passport will inform you immediately after the passport is ready.

There’s nothing too complicated in the process of getting an international passport in Nigeria if you know how to do it step by step.

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