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How to make ginger drink at home

How to make ginger drink at home

Are you looking for a perfect refreshment drink in the summer? We know one awesome recipe for homemade juice that serves as a refreshment in summer and a cleansing drink in every other time of the year. Find out how to make ginger drink at home and add some difference to your everyday menu.

How to make ginger drink at home

We should note that there are many ginger drink recipe tips. You can even make one of your own and surprise your family. Everyone knows how many health benefits ginger offers to you. This is the reason why each person can come up with a brand new idea on what to add to his or her ginger juice to make it truly unique and unbelievably tasty.

We’ll share with you two ways on how you can make the tastiest ginger juice with your own hands using grater or juicer.

How to make ginger juice at home

Making ginger drink with grater at home

Ingredients to be used:

  • Ginger – fresh root (several pieces)
  • Dishes (bowl and a piece of cloth, grater)

The guide is simple:

  • Wash the ginger roots.
  • Carefully peel off the root skin.
  • Find a flat surface and place grater on it. Use it for grating your ginger piece by piece.
How to make ginger drink at home with grater
  • Use a piece of cloth and put everything you have just grated into its center.
  • Use your hands to help to squeeze the juice. Make sure to do this above the bowl.
  • Do your best to extract as much ginger juice as you can.
  • Remove the leftovers from the cloth. You can wash this cloth to use later on when you want to make another cup of fresh ginger juice.
  • Enjoy drinking the healthy and tasty drink.

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How to make ginger drink at home with juicer

Making ginger juice using juicer

List of ingredients:

  • Ginger root – several pieces
  • Honey or sugar (optional)
  • Juicer
  • Piece of cloth
  • Bowl

Quick instruction:

  • Cut the ginger into pieces.
  • Put all the pieces into your juicer and turn it on.
  • Place the blended mixture on the cloth and squeeze with your hands collecting the liquid into a bowl.
  • Serve the fresh juice alone or with some flavors (honey or sugar).
Ginger drink at home

Benefits of ginger drinks

We also want to recollect some of the main benefits of drinking ginger-based beverage:

  • Healthier joints due to ginger’s anti-inflammatory effect
  • Better blood flow thanks to the ginger’s antioxidant effect
  • Nice way to treat high blood pressure
  • Helping with headaches and teeth ache
  • Better hair
  • Better digestion
  • Nice method of fighting with cold and flu
  • Additional help in reducing excessive weight

You can use our basic ginger drink recipe to make various things as ginger goes well with liquors, rum, syrups, and other interesting extras. You will definitely like the combination of ginger juice with lemon, honey, pineapple. You can warm it and enjoy in the cold days or put in the freezer to refresh yourself in the summertime.

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