Interesting facts about Lagos State

Interesting facts about Lagos State

Lagos is the most famous state in Nigeria. We suggest you get acquainted with the most interesting facts about Lagos State. All true patriots should know this information.

Interesting facts about Lagos State

The origin and birth of Lagos State

Once there lived a Yoruba tribe on this territory. This place was known as Eko, which meant "camp" or "farm". The name Lagos (Lakes) was given by Portuguese seafarers who landed here in the 15th century and opened the slave market which was banned in the 19th century. Since 1861 the British colony was here.

Lagos State

Since October 1960, when Nigeria gained independence, the country's rapid development began. Lagos has become a megacity. The official date of establishing of Lagos State is May 27, 1967.

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Interesting facts about Lagos State

Top facts about Lagos

  • The landmass of Lagos State is 3,577 square kilometers.
  • The administrative center is situated in Ikeja.
  • Among all African cities, Lagos ranks first in terms of both population and area. It is also one of the ten largest cities in the world, ahead of even the Philippines Manila.
  • As for the state itself, it is the smallest in Nigeria. This seems rather unusual considering the largest population density.
  • Lagos began to grow rapidly in the 70s of the last century when an oil boom in Nigeria began with the discovery and start of active development of new oil fields.
  • Half of all Nigerian industrial enterprises are located here. Unfortunately, this negatively affects the local ecology.

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Lagos State
  • The state successfully produces food, textile, cement, has woodworking, and metalworking enterprises. Cocoa is grown, wild fruits and Hevea juice are collected in the vicinity of Lagos. The presence of lakes, rivers, and the ocean coast gave impetus to the development of fishing.
  • Lagos is a port city, an important transport hub of the country. In Lagos, 80% of imported products arrived in Nigeria are processed. The port of Lagos is in the top 10 of the best ports in Africa.
  • Huge markets are the first attraction of Lagos. Especially the Oshodi market deserves attention. About 4 million buyers and sellers appear here each day.
  • Air transportation is carried out by the largest in Africa, recently modernized, Murtala Muhammed International Airport.
  • The seaport of Apapa is the most capacious in Nigeria. Ferry traffic between the mainland and the island is performed regularly.
  • There is a Floating City Makoko in Lagos State. People travel around the city using waterways.
  • Also, Lagos is a major economic and cultural center.
  • For Nigeria, Lagos plays the role of local "Hollywood". All the local movies are cast here.
  • Here is the highest building in West Africa - NECOM house towers. It rises 160 meters above the city.
  • The largest number of Nigerian millionaires is observed here. Lagos is really the center of wealth and success. More rich people can be found only in Johannesburg and Cairo. Nevertheless, there are also many poor inhabitants who have anyway didn't cross the threshold of poverty.
  • For a long time, Lagos was the capital of Nigeria, but in 1991 Abuja acquired this title.
  • On November 12, 2000, a grandiose divine service took place in Lagos, about 1.6 million people took part in it.

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Interesting facts about Lagos State
  • Officially for 2017 in Lagos lived more than 15 million people, but in fact, this number is much greater. And it is unknown what the real population of Lagos is since it is impossible to count millions of people who come in search of earnings from all parts of the country and live here without documents.
  • Lagos is included in the list of the fastest growing states of the world.
  • The longest bridge in West Africa was built here. It connects the mainland and Lagos Island. The construction was built by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC. The grand opening with the participation of President Ibrahim Babangida occurred in 1990. The length of the bridge is about 11.8 kilometers.
  • Park-reserve Okomu is proud of plants and animals listed in the Red Book. A valuable population of white-throated monkeys exists only on the territory of Okomu. There are also African elephant and buffalo, many species of birds.

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We hope that it was interesting for you to find out important facts about Lagos State. Nigerians really can be proud of the existence of such a prosperous state. Let's hope that in future, life in this state will be only better and the local population will have many important achievements.

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