10 top latest ways to tie gele

10 top latest ways to tie gele

Are you going to a special event and choosing a gele? Do you want to find out 10 top latest ways to tie gele? We offer you the most interesting types of gele styles for that will make heads turn!

latest ways to tie gele

Nigerian gele is a headdress made with a piece of textile or scarf wrapped around the head. It's one of the most colorful elements of women's clothing.

Gele designs

Here they are top 10 latest ways to tie gele

Colored turban with a top knot

1. Colored turban Gele with a top knot

This method is used for everyday wearing. It does not require much time and some special experience. How to tie gele? You take a strip of fabric with a short length, but enough to wrap it once around the head. Then tie a beautiful knot close to the forehead or laterally. After that, you need to hide the tips neatly. As an alternative solution, you can beautifully straighten the rest of tips and give them the shape of petals or a bow. Otherwise, you can twist them.

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Colored turban with a lower knot

2. Colored turban Gele with a lower knot

If you want to open the face maximally and create a very neat look using a gele, you can take the same piece of fabric as in the first version or a small scarf and wrap it once or twice around the head. Then you need to tie a lower knot on the back of the head under the hair. The hair, in this case, is completely hidden under the gele. For this option, you need to take a thin and soft cloth to avoid the gele’s ruffling, hide the tips carefully. The ends are tucked under the knot.

Ankara turban geles

For the first and second option, Ankara fabrics or other thin and ordinary cotton, multi-colored or one-colored textiles are best.

Classic festive Gele

3. Classic

For such gele, shiny and dense fabrics such as satin, crystal, and brocade are used. For making a classical version, a long piece of fabric is needed. The fabric is tightly wrapped around the head several times. Each new layer of fabric is ties round the forehead several times and spread out wide at the top.

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Classic Gele

With the last layer, you make around the head tie something like a crown. The denser the fabric is, the better the layer keeps the shape.

Multi-colored Infinity pleats Gele

4. Infinity pleats Gele

This type of gele often requires help to tie properly. You need a very long piece of fabric since many layers are wrapped around to create the pleats.

One-colored infinity pleats Gele

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Beaded Gele

Beaded festive Gele

5. Beaded Gele

This gele is often decorated with sequins, beads, paillettes, and artificial pearls. You can place the decor in a chaotic order or create some pattern. Embroidery with stones goes beautifully on the last and beautifully draped gele’s layer. You can use one kind of beads as well as combine several options.

Gele with an openwork pattern

6. Gele with an openwork pattern

The openwork pattern should not be very wide since the fabric must keep in shape. As a rule, such patterns are of floral design. It can be, for example, flowers, petals, etc. In this version, the fabric is usually monochrome and dense in texture. Here, many layers are not reeled in, since the main emphasis is on the openwork pattern.

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Gele in a fan form

7. Gele in a fan form

There is a design for gele with the form resembling an opened fan. Here, at first, several layers of fabric are tightly wrapped too. Then the last layer is beautifully draped in the form of a fan. Draperies can be inclined to one side or the other. This gele is good to make from thin, but dense fabric to form the folds of the last layer correctly.

Flower-shaped Gele

8. Flower-shaped Gele

A design of this gele appeared because of the European fashion influence. It resembles a hat with a flower. This kind of gele will be obtained by wrapping the fabric one or more times around the head and forming one large flower. As a rule, it’s a rose. The flower is made either laterally or centered closer to the forehead. If you take a colorful fabric, with strips, for example, you can get a very unusual flower. A high density of fabric allows flower petals to keep the shape. This design is suitable for dresses of modern European style. Also, a flower-shaped gele should be avoided for women with a plump and broad face. In this version, such face seems even larger.

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Gele with decor

Gele with unusual form

9. Gele with decor

It's also an option for a festive gele. In this case, a classic gele is tied with some zest addition. Ideally formed by the last layers of fabric, the circle can be pinned laterally with a brooch or small flower. This step divides the circle of gele into two sectors. You can tie a knot or form something like a bow there.

Funny Gele

10. Funny Gele

If you are planning to attend a funny event that does not involve an excessive strictness of your image, and you don’t lack the sense of humor, you can funnily tie gele. Here they are a few designs.

Whatever style of gele tying you choose, just ensure that the gele’s colour compliments the colour of you clothes.

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