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When is JAMB form closing for 2018?

When is JAMB form closing for 2018?

JAMB date announce for 2018 is, probably, one of the most important events for the undergraduates who are planning to enter some higher educational institutions. You wouldn’t want to miss the closing date, right? Then, the information below is very useful!

When is JAMB form closing for 2018

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The registration period and the closing date

When is JAMB form closing for 2018

The JAMB registration 2018 form has been available since December 6th, 2017. It’s still available now but you need to know that there’s only a little time left at the present moment. If you have not yet passed the procedure of registration, follow several steps described below. If you have already applied, skip the steps and go to the next paragraph.

  1. Send a text message to 55019. The text should contain only the “Surname First Name Other Name”. The text shouldn’t be longer than 40 characters, the surnames and first names are mandatory. This text will cost you N50 and in return, you will receive a confirmation code. It’s important to use the phone number that has never been used for JAMB registration before. You are going to receive all the registration information on that phone.
  2. When you receive the code, reach the nearest bank (First Bank, Union Bank, UBA, or others) and buy a special JAMB e-PIN. This e-PIN will be generated with the help of the code you have just received so don’t forget to take it with you. If you have lost the code occasionally before getting to the bank, send a text with a word RESEND from the same phone number to 55019.
  3. After you receive the e-PIN in the bank, you will need to visit one of the JAMB centers (you can easily google the addresses in your vicinity). They will need the freshly generated e-PIN and, in addition to it, the confirmation code, your passport, and your O-level results. It’s possible that they will photograph you right there with the help of their laptop or so.
  4. This is the completion of the registration process and in the end, they will give you a printed out copy of your registration certificate and other papers.

The registration for the JAMB is not free. The total amount will make N6200, which is your e-PIN and the printout of the JAMB storybook (N5000+N500) + the CBT registration fee (N700).

Now, the closing date for JAMB registration is the same for all the candidates, regardless of when they applied or registered, and no matter whether they are natives or foreigners. The registration closes on February 6th, 2018.

When is JAMB form closing for 2018

Keep in mind that if you have questions, you can always ask for assistance at any stage of your registration process. If you are making a payment in a bank, ask them all the questions you have on the related processes and their results. If you are in a CBT center, find out all the details you may need in advance. Good luck!

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