JAMB syllabus 2017-2018

JAMB syllabus 2017-2018

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Syllabus is now available for any person who wants to check the topics to study for JAMB exam. JAMB syllabus 2017-2018 is the easiest way to get the latest information about the topics that are needed for your examination. Continue reading to get the most relevant information about the topics!

JAMB syllabus 2017/2018

JAMB Syllabus

JAMB Syllabus 2017/2018 is out and ready to be used. Do not miss this opportunity to get the fresh details about the last JAMB syllabus. You can find out the necessary texts by clicking on the topic!

JAMB syllabus 2017/2018

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The main idea of JAMB syllabus in agriculture is to prepare the candidates for the Examination Board. It's prepared to test their achievements in certain areas of the course. Therefore, the candidates should show some skills and knowledge in agriculture if they want to pass the test.

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The Art syllabus should prepare candidates for getting the achievements in arts. It includes skills and knowledge of terminology, principles and fundament elements of art. Moreover, the candidates should demonstrate some knowledge in historical dimensions of arts.

Arabic Language

The Arabic language is one of the primary targets for a lot of candidates. Therefore, all people who want to get through the Arabic should show excellent knowledge in translation, speaking, listening comprehension and grammar of Arabic language.


All candidates who want to go through the biology test must show excellent knowledge of the concepts of the unity and interdependence of life. Moreover, it's necessary to show the primary understanding of evolution. Candidates will also show the application of biological principles into the everyday life.

JAMB syllabus 2017/2018


The main object of the JAMB syllabus for Chemistry is to provide the sufficient knowledge of candidates in the spheres, like chemistry scientific data, history, the relationship between history and science. Moreover, candidates should also show how it's possible to apply the principles of chemistry into the everyday life!

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The main idea for the Commerce tests is to examine the knowledge of the candidates in the commercial sphere. Therefore, it`s necessary to check the knowledge in commerce and other spheres of business. Moreover, students should understand the dynamics of commerce in today`s world.

Christian religion

The Christian religion is one of the main religions in Nigeria. Therefore, students who want to pass these tests should show the knowledge connected with Christian Faith and Christian history. Students should also understand and provide the interpretation religious themes in Bible.


JAMB syllabus on economics is another necessary test for candidates! The aim of the economic syllabus is to provide the achievement of students in the area of economics. It means the understanding of basic economic concepts and general application of basic economic principles. Students should also identify various economic units and institutions of the country. Moreover, it`s necessary to show the major economic activities and problems of society.

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Students who want to show their knowledge in the French language must go through the course of tests. These tests should show the general understanding of students about French grammar and syntaxes. Moreover, students should show skills in writing, listening comprehension, grammar, speaking, and communication.


Geography is also one of the most popular topics for studying in Universities. Therefore, students who want to pass the geography tests should show the excellent knowledge in the interpretation of geographical maps, diagrams, and statistical data. It's necessary to demonstrate the problems of the human environment and apply the geography concepts to the everyday life.


The main idea of this test is connected with the political development of the government. Therefore, students should show the excellent knowledge in the definition of the government, the framework of the government institutions and their role to play for the country. It`s necessary to evaluate political and economic problems of the government.

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Hausa Language

The Hausa language is one of the main languages in Nigeria. Students who want to achieve a high score at the test should show the basic understanding of Hausa language and its history. Moreover, its necessary to show excellent knowledge of grammar, writing, listening comprehension and speaking.



If a person wants to connect his life with history, then it`s necessary to go through the history tests of JAMB. Students should show excellent knowledge of major historical events and provide the evidence of these events on Nigeria today. Students need to show the development and modernization of history.


JAMB syllabus for Mathematics is presented to show the knowledge of candidates in the following areas:

  • Statistics;
  • Calculus;
  • Geometry;
  • Algebra;
  • Numeration.


Another great test for people who want to connect their life with music. All candidates who want to pass the test should show excellent knowledge in music theory, identify music periods in history and its influence on the social, cultural development of the country.

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JAMB syllabus for Physics is another great option for students who want to connect their life with science! Therefore, the candidates should show the relevant interest in physics and its laws, concepts, definitions, and principles.

JAMB syllabus 2017/2018

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