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Agbada embroidery designs you will love

Agbada embroidery designs you will love

Embroidery on Agbada is like a cherry on top of a cake piece. Without this decoration, the attire looks plain and attracts only a little attention. Yet, how should one know what to stitch on the Agbada and how to design it properly? Keep on reading to find out more about the most interesting Agbada designs.

Agbada embroidery designs

Who wears Agbada, when and where?

Everybody does, everywhere and for every occasion, literally. Some people think that this attire is for men only but it’s not so. Agbada for women exists successfully, too, and looks gorgeous on ladies. Below, some types of female Agbada will be described, too.

Agbada embroidery designs

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In most cases, this is a garment that’s worn for particular occasions, which people want to attend in something beautiful and able to impress others. Such events are weddings, other parties and more. Being quite loose and long, paired with a comfortable undershirt and pants, the upper gown feels light, snug, and allowing to move freely. However, it’s not very comfortable to spend an intensive working day in such a big piece of cloth that hangs down below one’s knees.

This is why Agbada has become an outfit for special events in 9 cases out of 10, and this has determined its look, the richness of decorations and Agbada embroidery designs, and the intricate cut.

Agbada embroidery for men

As soon as men still compose the majority of Agbada wearers, let’s start with discussing the most popular embroidery designs that are used for men’s attire of this type.

Agbada embroidery designs
  • Same color embroidery. It means that the threads that are used for the creation of the embroidery are chosen to match the fabric used for the agbada. This technique makes the embroidery less obvious.
Agbada embroidery designs
  • Golden embroidery. Of course, it’s quite far away from the same color and looks much brighter and much more vibrant. Such embroidery inspires a thought about the richness of its wearer and adds a touch of luxury. In all cases, it’s a garment for very special occasions. Such embroidery for Agbada is a popular choice for weddings, especially if there’s a lot of gold in the bride’s wedding attire.
Agbada embroidery designs
  • Geometric shapes. In traditional African embroidery or woven patterns, geometric lines have always been prevailing. Why not take advantage of them in the Agbada embroidery designs? Circles, triangular and square shapes are able to create a very authentic, purely native Nigerian design, which will be rather minimalistic but very attractive and impressive. Geometric lines have always and everywhere been considered the best choice for men, and the Agbada embroidery is no exception.
Agbada embroidery designs you will love
  • Wide embroidery pieces. With time, the embroidery that’s done on the Agbada gown has grown wider and longer than years ago. Sometimes, the embroidery extends to the edges of shoulders from the collar opening and go down the front part of the gown below the waistline.

Yet, no matter how many embroidery fashions you are able to find and discover, don’t forget that sometimes a plain gown with no rich decorations can look more even impressive and stylish.

Agbada embroidery design for women

Agbada embroidery designs you will love

Agbada for women is, surely, much brighter than those for men. It can be of any bright colour; there are items made out of Ankara fabric. No wonder that there are no precise styles or restrictions for female Agbada embroidery.

It’s possible to decorate a woman’s gown with any colours and so on. Neither will be too much. A woman’s Agbada is only slightly different from a woman’s dress but they have the same goal: to help a woman look like a wonderful bright flower.

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