Debate: a male child is more beneficial than a female child in Nigeria

Debate: a male child is more beneficial than a female child in Nigeria

In dreams of family happiness, we sometimes imagine how we will dress up our beautiful daughter and help our son to become a real man. But let’s not forget, that this dreams also have the other side. You definitely heard the statement in debates: “A male child is more beneficial than a female child”. Is it true?

Debate: a male child is more beneficial than a female child in Nigeria

How to compare male and female children?

Of course, the above-mentioned question is rather complicated, because it is simply impossible to express a generalized opinion. Maybe you see yourself growing a son, your inheritor, and successor. Also, you can be more excited about a fact of having daughter, less problematic child and your little princess. Eventually, you can be far from the process of raising children, which is quite normal, considering the high pace of modern life.

Nigerian children

However, it is obvious that gender affects the characteristics of upbringing in the areas of character development, healthcare, material support, etc.

Nigerian family

Let’s not forget about other feature of society in Nigeria. Religion could also affect your wishes about the future gender of the child. In the Muslim world, there are a lot of benefits for men in general, if you compare their position against women. Christians are more likely to be happy about both of the options, so in such cases, only the attitudes of parents matters.

Boys and girls at school

Nature and character of boys and girls

It's no secret that boys are more active, restless, and sometimes even aggressive. They actively seek to establish their position in society even at an early age. The consequences of all this can be very different: from a broken window to a fight or something even more serious.

Nigerian boys play football

Such things often require a strong will on the part of the parents. Usually, these qualities are inherent in a man, so a woman has to be tough when raising a boy. Even little boys are used to showing their discontent with physical methods, they fight, kick their feet etc. The reactions of girls are much more different.

Female child in Nigeria

By nature, the girls are calmer and more benevolent, it's easier to agree with them.But at the same time, girls are more likely to express their emotions with words and behavior, rather than physically, as boys do. For dads, this is almost incomprehensible, because female psychology is a mystery to them, so mothers have to deal with all this.

Boy and girl play at home

Another thing, that can surely make dads feel a huge stress, is their little girls growing. The older she becomes, the more frightening it appears to let her go somewhere. In adolescence, a girl will begin to feel unfree, so there may be conflicts with her parents.

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Nigerian infants

Boy's and girl’s health

Scientists say that at an early age, boys are more prone to infectious diseases. Cuts, bruises, and such stuff happen in the life of boys as often as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

A group of girls

For girls, the most terrible times begin at puberty, then the risk of infectious diseases and allergies increases. Reorganization of the hormonal system leads to skin diseases, to changes in weight, which are much harder borne by girls. And then the rest of their life the hormonal system will be strange and present surprises. Also, you all know very well, the risk of early pregnancy in girls.

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Expenses for boys and girls

Toys are different for each gender, so it makes no sense to compare to whom they are more expensive. But a boy at an early age always needs more clothes, because it tears and gets dirty. Shoes get worn out faster also. In general, boys are less careful with things, so clothes and toys often have to be repaired or replaced. In the future, when a boy grows up, his toys, of course, become more expensive. The girl needs all this less often.

Boys tend to change their hobbies more likely, they get bored in one place. Therefore, the purchased uniforms can gather dust in the pantry, while the child learns swimming, tennis or football. Girls neatly treat things, and, in principle, a daughter can pass long enough in a single dress.

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Independent life of boys and girls

A boy by nature is more independent. Therefore, as it was easier to let the son out late, now it is easier to see how he gets on his feet and boldly goes into real life as a man. For a boy, at this age, it is important to have all the attributes of a man — a place where you can live or meet a girl, for example. All this is very difficult for a boy at the start. Realizing this, parents are trying to take decisions on all these issues to themselves. And this is not easy.

Nigerian teenagers

A girl is harder to let go.

A girl and a boy

Drawing conclusions, we see that raising a boy for a father can be easier. But all these talks are very conditional since the upbringing of children is a more complicated process. It is influenced by many other factors, for example, the relations between parents or their maturity. And, of course, love.

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