Who is the richest man in Anambra State? - Top 9

Who is the richest man in Anambra State? - Top 9

Despite the fact that Nnewi is a small city, it has the bigger percentage of billionaires per capita than anywhere else in Nigeria. Do you want to find out who is the richest man in Anambra State? Continue reading this article to consider the list of the most prominent personalities.

Who is the richest man in Anambra State? Top 9

The first prominent and extremely rich resident of Anambra State we would like to tell you about today is Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu. Historical-informational sources report that shortly before Nigeria gained independence in 1960, Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu became the first of the black Nigerian billionaires. He founded the Nigerian Stock Exchange and also was the knight of Queen Elizabeth II. Ojukwu received this title after helping British with the fleet of trucks during the Second World War.

This man was so wealthy that at the request of the colonial authorities he offered the queen a ride on his Rolls-Royce in 1956. Apparently, it was the only such car in Nigeria at the time.

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In 1965, in Time magazine wrote about him. He got rich thanks to a business connected with the import and resale of dried fish. Ojukwu also worked with transport, textiles, and cement. When a year later his life ended, the total wealth was estimated at 4 billion dollars in terms of the current money rates.

Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu

His son Chukwuemeka also had a large fortune. At age 22, he received his master's degree at Oxford University. Then Chukwuemeka became the head of Biafra and led the Igbo people in the civil war in 1967.

Son of Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu

These people were only the beginning of a long list of billionaires who were born and worked in the Anambra State. This region became the richest state in Nigeria and possibly in the entire continent. Maybe this place has some special aura or energy? Is it all about the entrepreneurial traits of the representatives of the Igbo people? No one can say for sure.

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Many billionaires have earned a huge fortune with their own labor receiving very little help from the government. Even after heavy military times, they were able to get on their feet and engage in entrepreneurship reaching the new heights.

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Anambra State
Anambra State

People call Nnewi Japan in the center of Africa. Many businessmen here work with spare parts. In Anambra State, there is the first Nigerian car assembly plant called Innoson. Also, in the city, there are factories for the production of household goods, the largest transport companies in Nigeria. A little more than 2 million people live in Nnewi. Within 30 minutes you can get here from Onitsha. This is the largest outdoor market in West Africa located near the Niger River.

9 famous Naira billionaires from Nnewi

Let's consider the brightest personalities from Anambra State who were able to make a big business and admire the surrounding world with their entrepreneurial abilities.

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1. Cletus Ibeto

He created the grandiose project Ibeto Group. This industrial company operates in the southeast of the country and is called the largest in Nigeria. Ibeto began his career as a student of a spare parts dealer. As a result, he managed to overcome many complex stages of growth and built his own business in car batteries import in the late 80's. Now his conglomerate also deals with real estate, motor and oil products, hospitality, cement, and agriculture.

Ibeto Group

2. Cosmas Maduka

He is one of the most successful car dealers and owner of the Coscharis Group. This man lost his father in 4 years and could not attend school because of poverty. He had to make money for a living by selling beans and other food. These difficulties strengthened his character and allowed him to achieve great career successes. Now he deals with such world-famous brands as Range Rover, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar. Also, the company is diversified into agriculture.

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Cosmas Maduka

3. Innocent Chukwuma

This man has founded the Innoson Nigeria Limited. The company is engaged in the production of sports and passenger's cars, commercial buses. This plant was mentioned earlier as the first Nigerian car assembly factory. Its production departments are located in Enugu and Nnewi. Innoson management cooperates with the governments of Enugu and Anambra, several federal agencies.

Innocent Chukwuma

4. Gabriel Chukwuma

This is the elder brother of the previous billionaire. We can say, entrepreneurial genes are in the blood of this family. Gabriel invested in hospitality, sports, and real estate. He is the chairman of the Gabros International Football Club. Chukwuma supported its activities in the Premier League of Nigeria and the conclusion of partnership with the English football club West Ham. Then this project was sold to Ifeanyi Ubah, another entrepreneur from Nnewi. Further, his business was connected with patent medicine.

Gabriel Chukwuma

5. Alexander Chika Okafor

His projects Chicason Industries and A-Z Petroleum are well-known companies in Nigeria. This businessman’s conglomerate has achieved significant success in production, real estate, and mining in Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

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Alexander Chika Okafor

6. Augustine Ilodibe

This successful man was an orphan and a Catholic Church server. One of the holy fathers blessed him. It was believed that God's help contributed to Ilodibe's entrepreneurial success. His business began with the trade of spare parts. At the age of 60 years, he worked with luxurious interstate buses. For many years Ilodibe held the status of the sole importer.

During the Civil War, he helped Biafran side with transport. An important moment of his life was the founding of Ekene Dili Chukwu Transport. This company brought Ilodibe huge profits. The businessman also managed to expand his business to agriculture and beer production.

Ekene Dili Chukwu Transport

7. Ifeanyi Ubah

This successful entrepreneur provided material support to Goodluck Jonathan. He also made attempts to become Governor of the Anambra State in 2014, but they were not successful to Ifeanyi Ubah.

Ifeanyi multiplied his wealth by investing in gas and oil, exporting motor parts. Recently, Ubah extended his business power to include football. In 2015, he purchased Gabros FC worth 500 million Naira and changed its name to Ifeanyi Ubah FC.

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Ifeanyi Ubah

8. Louis Onwugbenu

Louis Onwugbenu is the head of Louis Carter Industries. He had to give up schooling in 1967 when Nigeria was engulfed in the fire of civil war. Every week he traveled to Lagos to sell car parts. Onwugbenu competently invested profits and was able to expand his activities to real estate, the production of batteries for cars, valves for pipelines, agricultural goods, and food. By the age of 30, he had become a multimillionaire. At the moment, the main office of his conglomerate is in Carter Industrial Estate, Nnewi.

9. Obiajulu Uzodike

Thanks to the work of people like him, Nigeria became one of the largest cable manufacturers and exporters in the world. Most of the factories are located in the southeast of the country. Among the leading companies is Cutix Nigeria.

Uzodike achieved significant success as a representative of the American organization producing military, aviation wires, and accessories. In 1982, he was a veteran of the Civil War and a graduate of Harvard Business School. Cutix became the first Nigerian enterprise in the southeast to be listed on the national stock exchange.

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Obiajulu Uzodike

Of course, many successful businessmen were born and worked outside Anambra State. Aliko Dangote is from Kano, etc. But still, the city of Nnewi is worthy of attention because of the largest percentage of billionaires in relation to the total population. All the individuals listed in this article deserve respect and are an excellent inspiring example for young entrepreneurs.

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