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Married men are more caring - Nigerian single ladies speak out

Married men are more caring - Nigerian single ladies speak out

For a long time now, the issue of unfaithfulness in marriages has been a constant debate. While this is bothering on the fact that most married men love to cheat, there is also the belief that single ladies find them attractive.

Marriages are believed to be a sanctified unions that should not easily be broken. People meet and fall in love, then decide to validate these relationships by getting married and begin their journey of a happy-ever-after life. However, this is not always the case as a marriage that is commonly supposed to be between a man and a woman sometimes harbors more.

Going with the popular saying that three is a crowd, there is bound to be problems in these kinds of marriages. As with any issue, there is always the blame game of who is responsible and who is not. While many people believe the husbands who are mostly found guilty of infidelity are to blame, others believe that single ladies who date these men also have a part to play in the issue.

Following this argument, recently carried out an online poll on the reason most single ladies date married men. As expected there were numerous answers provided by different people, one however stood out and it was that most ladies claimed married men tend to be more caring and offer better financial security than single guys.

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Here are some of the reactions:

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