Raw garlic and ovulation: what's the effect?

Raw garlic and ovulation: what's the effect?

Many people are aware that the food we consume daily is a huge factor, which our health depends on. There are food products that boost fertility too. If you want to have a healthy baby and pregnancy without issues, you should definitely pay attention to consuming garlic. This product is really useful both to men and women who want to increase their fertility. Read everything about garlic and ovulation in our post.

Raw garlic and ovulation

In this article, we have covered the following aspects:

  1. Garlic and fertility: what are the benefits of garlic sexually?
  2. How to use garlic with benefits for health and fertility? Brief guide

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1. Garlic and fertility: what are the benefits of garlic sexually?

Garlic is widely known to improve the length and quality of sex and help out with impotence. It contains a lot of vitamins. Sometimes people do not want to consume a lot of garlic, just because it has a specific smell. However, no matter what the odor of garlic is, this product is still extremely beneficial to your well being. It contains some useful substances which are extremely helpful for normal blood circulation.


Garlic contains selenium as well as vitamins B6 and C. All these vitamins prevent defects of chromosomes and their damage, which increases your chances of giving birth to a healthy baby. B6 also influences fertility and keeps sperm and eggs in the healthy state. This vitamin is number one when it comes to stimulating ovulation.

Speaking of its other pros, garlic also helps people control their weight, eases some skin conditions like psoriasis and acne, improves the hair and nail conditions. Garlic is really helpful against yeast problems. It can prevent breast cancer and other types of this disease, which is one of the main reasons why every woman should turn her attention to eating garlic.

Raw garlic

Raw garlic and ovulation are tightly connected – it is one of the most useful foods for women who want to have painless periods, calm pregnancy, and healthy babies. It will definitely become beneficial for you to eat garlic at least a few times per week. Besides sexual purposes, garlic helps to improve blood quality.

Garlic with pepper

2. How to use garlic with benefits for health and fertility? Brief guide

Garlic contains a huge amount of useful vitamins and is one of the most commonly known fertility boosting foods. The effect of this product on ovulation and fertility fully depends on how many plants you have eaten at once: you are strongly recommended to eat one or two cloves per day.

If you are worried about the smell which appears when you eat the raw garlic, you might use lemon or chew a gum. Also, you should probably turn your attention to some of the recipes that you can prepare with garlic. They will not be giving a smell as annoying as just consuming the raw product. Here are the most common ones.

Raw garlic food
  1. Take a kilogram of raw garlic and put it into a jar that contains three liters. Pour the boiled water on it, then close it and put in a dark place, where it should be kept for one month. During this month, you should shake your jar each day. One teaspoon of this mix should be used once per day. It can also be drunk together with a glass of milk.
  2. You can also use vodka instead of boiled water. In this case, you are recommended to mix a kilogram of garlic together with half a liter of vodka. Then, you should put it in the dark place for one week. This mix should be consumed three times per day, before your meal.
  3. First, you should clear 300-350g of garlic and then rinse them in three glasses of plain water. Then you have to put the garlic into the glass dish, crush it in there, pick up garlic with juice from the bottom and put into another glass dish. Afterwards, you are recommended to add 200 ml of alcohol and close the dish tightly, without any holes. Store it in the dark place for ten days. Then, drink the mixture once per day – you can put 5-6 drops of it in a glass of milk.

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Garlic mix

These are some most common ways to eat garlic that you can try following if you do not want to consume raw garlic. Did you know that you can take cloves of garlic in many creative ways instead of just eating it alone? Here are some ways you eat raw garlic.

  1. You can whip it up with some beans or chickpeas to receive a creamy mix. Also, you can make sauces out of garlic. The useful features of garlic are intensified when it gets chopped or mashed.
  2. You can also make some raw garlic butter and spread it all over the bread. It will not be as smelly when consumed with bread.
  3. Garlic can be a part of a salad. This way, it will not lose the useful vitamins and you will have a delicious meal out of garlic, mixed with other delicious ingredients. For making a salad with garlic, you can crush it and add to the salad.
  4. Another way to use fresh garlic is to add it into your soup. You should be aware that if you heat up the soup, the effectiveness of vitamins will reduce a little.
  5. You can juice it with the other fruits and vegetables. This way, you will not even feel the taste of garlic, and it will still retain its nutrients.
Garlic cloves

If you are brave enough to eat the raw garlic itself, you can chop it into a few pieces. This way, it will not give the volcano eruption effect in your mouth. You can also take it with olive or coconut oil, which will serve a protective function to your stomach. Do not take raw garlic on the empty stomach. You are recommended to eat something before taking garlic. You can either chew it or swallow the full piece. Eating garlic together with some honey is also acceptable.

Garlic mixtures

You can also successfully mix your garlic with the other products – sometimes it can give a double effect on your potency and/or fertility. One of the most popular mixtures that many people use is a combination of the garlic, apple, carrot and a spoon of honey. You should not use ingredients in big amounts because the mixture works best when it is fresh. This is really delicious and can be used to improve your sexual abilities. If you are a woman, you are recommended to consume this mixture on days before and after ovulation to enhance fertility.

It should be mentioned that there are some conditions when it is not recommended to consume garlic, especially in big quantities. This is when the person struggles with epilepsy and inflammatory kidney processes and during pregnancy.

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Garlic has great effect on fertility and ovulation. Garlic can be used strengthen the immune system.

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