WAEC News: Facts You Should Know About Its Computer Based Test Platform

WAEC News: Facts You Should Know About Its Computer Based Test Platform

Studying is great! Studying in a contemporary manner is even better. One of the main features of a high-quality education is an efficient system of acquiring the knowledge. A computer based test that’s ready to be implied by WAEC in 2018 is just the right example.

Computer Based Test Platform

What Is WAEC?

The West African Examinations Council has a goal of becoming a world-class expert in examinations technologies, to keep on being the most prominent examining institution in Africa. It’s very important, they say, to provide the most reliable and effective assessment of quality of education and also to develop and promote the human resource that has to do with the new system.


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Within its existence (for about 60 years already), the WAEC has collected a team of well-trained and determined employees and improved the system of examinations, which meets all the requirements of the member countries and reach the world level.

The certificates such examinations award are recognized all over the world. The youngsters who participate in the examinations held by the WAEC have a pretty good encouragement: each outstanding performance receives a special award.

Now, 2018, the WAEC Nigeria is about to introduce computer based test, which is going to make a breakthrough in the assessment of knowledge and quality of education.

The WAEC CBT Test: What It’s All About?

Computer Test

The Council claims they are about to train their employees in order to improve the way they operate in 2018 in order to conduct the computer base test. The Head of the Council, Mr. Olu Adenipekun says they are ready to intensify the training for both the managers and common employees so that they can operate computer software confidently and correctly.

As he claimed, it was very important to reach the the people who are going to work with the new system because it’s no use trying to implement something new if people are not ready to work with it. It’s important that the new CBT is not tuned to only one sort of examinations. It’s a working tool that can be applied to many examinations.

Now, the examinations conducted by the Council are going to be as efficient and effortless as those held by other examination bodies, for instance, JAMB.

The Access to the WAEC Computer Based Test

WAEC Test Platform

It’s a great achievement that students and candidates are now able to test their knowledge with the help of a precise computer test. However, there are still some of them who have not had any access to computers within the whole six years of their studying in a secondary school.

This is why the Council is working hard to encourage more and more schools to give their students access to computers in the course of their studying. This is being done via turning to state governors, communities, education stakeholders, and school owners; attracting their attention to the need of students in secondary schools.

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Source: Legit Newspaper

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