Who is the richest musician in the world in 2017?

Who is the richest musician in the world in 2017?

Music like any other profession can give fulfillment and wealth when talent is mixed with diligence and persistence. Learn interesting facts about the richest musician in the world, how much he's worth and of course his success story!

Paul McCartney

We have checked the information carefully and have found that Paul McCartney is the richest musician in the world in 2017. In many sources, his net worth is estimated over $1.2 billion. McCartney's closest rival in the struggle for the title of the wealthiest musician is Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Interesting facts about the star

  • In 2017, Sir James Paul McCartney turned 75 years old.
  • In any country in the world, even people far from music have heard his name at least once and know McCartney as one of the leaders of the legendary band The Beatles.
  • His work was praised with sixteen Grammy Award statuettes.
  • He became a Knight of the Order of the British Empire, repeatedly appeared in the Guinness Book of Records.
  • Sir Paul McCartney is really a multifaceted and unique person. He is a talented producer, an artist and an active animal rights activist.

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Liverpool modest guy

By fate, the richest musician in the whole world was born in Liverpool which was one of the flagships of the industrial revolution. The future idol of millions saw the world for the first time on the 18th of June in 1942. After the war, the McCartney family wasn't in poverty but lived very modestly which affected the upbringing and worldview of Paul. Even having become a billionaire, he always was economical.

The boy made his first musical steps yet in the primary school where he first appeared on stage with a composition which, by his own admission, he could not even remember. Paul said that it was some song associated with the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. A young musician was awarded a prize for the first performance. Paul felt fear of the public but the big stage left a trace in the soul of the child.

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Who is the richest musician in the world 2017
Paul, his father, and brother

At the age 14, McCartney and his younger brother were left without a mother. She died because of breast cancer. Their father surrounded them with care, attention, and love. He focused his attention on cultural education, led the boys to concerts, and played with them on the home piano because the mother wanted her kids to become outstanding people speaking the language of English aristocrats. Later Paul often recalled that mainly due to her effort he spoke without a Liverpool accent, easily met people and had no problems in communication.

Paul McCartney's first guitar

To entertain the child, even more, the father gave Paul an old pipe on his birthday. With the permission of McCartney Sr., he exchanged it for the first acoustic guitar in his life. The boy rebuilt the strings in his own manner because Paul is left-handed. He began to learn to play the instrument actively, copied the stars of that time and tried to perform the hits of rock pioneers Little Richard and Elvis Presley. At this time, the young musician began to write his own melodies.

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Paul McCartney with family
Paul and his closest people

Then he made friends with John Lennon. Their first meeting took place in the summer of 1957. It all began with the fact that one of Paul's school friends who participated in the Lennon's group The Quarrymen invited McCartney to perform in the church hall.

Having played several compositions before the members of The Quarrymen, Paul that he was worthy to be a part of the ensemble. They often met with John, learned new chords, and wrote down their test creations in the notebook adding on each page the phrase: "The original composition of Lennon-McCartney." Soon Paul persuaded John to accept his friend George Harrison into the group and then The Quarrymen acquired a new name - The Beatles.

As part of the four

Climbing to the top of the musical Olympus was by no means easy for The Beatles. Young talents went through difficult paths to success. Paul McCartney was a creative leader. He constantly composed new songs, did not let the group drowns, urged his band mates to give up idleness, and tried to prevent stagnation.

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The Beatles - famous band
The Beatles

Unfortunately, Paul McCartney's efforts were not enough, in 1971 he decided to terminate his partnership with The Beatles officially. Paul filed a lawsuit against his colleagues and the group manager believing that the situation simply had no other solution.

Solo album

Thus began his solo career which continues to this day. The richest man in music industry performs the post-Beatles compositions and the old time-tested hits of the Liverpool four. Creating the own project became something like a relief for McCartney.

In the spring of 1970, McCartney returned from Scotland where he lived with his family and brought material for his solo album. Just a month later the "McCartney" was on the top of the Billboard chart. The album was opened by the song "The Lovely Linda".

Creativity and family life became inseparable for McCartney. Paul did not even want to go on stage without his beloved wife Linda. Having created a new group, he booked the keyboardist place for Linda who then even did not know how to play any musical instrument at all. This lady said that she would sing with her husband and play the piano, although she never did it.

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Paul McCartney wife and children
Paul and his family

By the way, the idea to give the new group the name "Wings" was Linda's who was able to combine wonderfully the responsibilities of a caring mother of four children, loving wife, and keyboard player. In gratitude to this, Paul McCartney dedicated to his beloved woman the incredibly sensual songs "Maybe I'm Amazed", "Calico Skies", "My Love", "No More Lonely Nights" and many others.

New achievements

In 1980, McCartney continued to work on his album "McCartney II" which he recorded himself. The next novelty was released a year later.

Then a murder of John Lennon happened which became a shock for Paul. By that time, their relationship was gradually improving. In memory of John, he recorded with George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Elton John the song "All Those Years Ago".

Paul was very active making one release after another for which he deservedly became famous composer-multi instrumentalist and the richest singer in the world. Also, from the early years of The Beatles existence, he created many compositions for other musicians. The most famous of such was the song "I Wanna Be Your Man" performed by the outstanding Rolling Stones.

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the richest musician in the world 2017 Paul McCartney

One of the latest examples of McCartney's collaboration with colleagues is the song "FourFiveSeconds" recorded by singer Rihanna with the participation of Paul and American rapper Kanye West.


Also, Paul McCartney became widely known as a supporter of vegetarianism and an animal rights fighter. In addition, he participates in actions against the spread of genetically modified products, the use of anti-personnel mines, supports the idea of a ban on hunting and organizes many charity concerts.

Painting became another serious Paul's passion. The first exhibition of his works was held in 1999. Among the paintings were portraits of Andy Warhol, John Lennon, and David Bowie.

The richest musician in the world

Now you know who the richest musician in the world is and his path to success. Despite his old age, Paul McCartney's life is still bright. He has not lost his creative energy, continues to compose songs, seeks new forms of expression for himself and his art.

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