10 uses of air in our daily life

10 uses of air in our daily life

We all know about the importance of air in our lives because this is the main reason for life on Earth. Without its presence, life would be impossible, and other planets in our Solar system are evidence of that. Hence, air is a natural advantage that supports life on Earth. What are the uses of air in different areas of our life? We present you 10 uses of air in daily life.

Everyday life

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Air is used like all other natural resources. Are you ready to find out how?

What is air?

Air is an invisible form of matter that flows freely and is in the gaseous state. Scientists described the composition of air and its main properties in such sciences like physics and chemistry. Many gases such as nitrogen, oxygen are present in the air in different proportions.

In addition, it also contains gases such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide. Air is naturally clean and safe for human and animals, but due to industrialization pollution of the air is increasing which is unsafe for breathing. Therefore, to use clean air and to maintain dust-free breathing, a variety of air filters are widely used.

10 uses of air

Air is an important environment for the breathing of all living things on Earth. It provides oxidation processes that supply the body with the necessary energy. In addition, it has the widest application in various fields of industry.

  • Air is a significant supplier of energy: all living plants and animals depend on oxygen to generate valuable energy. Body cells take oxygen from the blood and produce energy after consuming food in the form of ATP. This biochemical generation of ATP is essential to maintain life on the Earth. So, this is one of the uses of air.

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  • Air is a conducting medium for sound: we can hear the sound of speech or noise, etc. only when there is air around us. It happens because that air is a good sound conductor. Without air, we will not be able to hear anything and won't be able to produce the sounds.
  • The water cycle occurs with the help of the air: water cycle is a phenomenon of water from the soil, the oceans and seas evaporating due to the heat of the sun and forming clouds. These clouds move towards the land surface, and they are cooled by air and rain. This rainwater once again reaches the sea and ocean.
Natural resource of oxygen

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  • The pollination of crops also happens due to the air: plants produce male gametes in pollen grains. These pollen grains move from the male flower to the female flower and combine with female gametes. And that exactly what is called pollination. This may occur in flowers growing on the same plant or between remote plants with the help of wind power.
  • The air keeps the balance of the temperature on the Earth's surface when it's summer. When the sun strongly heats the Earth's surface, the surface temperature of the ground is growing rapidly, but it grows slowly on the surface of the ocean or sea (this is because a solid substance is heated faster than liquid water). Thus, the air that is warmed at the Earth's surface rises up, and cold air from the sea surface transfers to the surface of the ground which minimizes the temperature rise.
  • Air helps in drying (moisture balance): the ground being wet from the rain dries due to air. The air on a wet surface is very moist. Thus, the moist layers of air are replaced by less humid or dry layers of air. New dry layer on the surface absorbs moisture from the wet surface, and the cycle continues until the surface is dry.
Living thing

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  • Air also helps us to swim in the water. When our lungs fill up with the air, we can swim higher in the water. When the air is placed in a restricted area, it is known as compressed air. Compressed air is in the tires of cars, bicycles, and planes used in flight mode.
  • Air reduces pollution: environmental pollution is a major problem since the current way of living leads to different kinds of pollutions. The air helps to minimize the level of environmental pollution.
  • Wind energy (electricity): the wind can be used to generate electricity with the help of wind turbines installation. Such turbines rotate under the influence of the wind and generate electrical energy. This electrical energy is not polluting and can be generated anywhere on the Earth for domestic use.
Environmental industry

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These are not all the ways to use air. More interesting facts are waiting for you further!

Uses of air resources

As a natural resource, the air is very useful, just like water, and it has lots of applications. The most critical aspect of air is that it supports the vitality of all living beings on Earth, providing them with oxygen.

However, oxygen is not only useful for living things. Candles, iron, fire, collected fruits and vegetables tend to change under the influence of oxygen. For example, candles and fire need oxygen to continue to burn. Iron rusts when exposed to water and oxygen. Fruits and vegetables will change colour and eventually become mouldy due to the moisture and oxygen in the air.

Cooking is also a field where the air is used. Bread and cakes are filled with air holes. Due to these holes, they are light and fluffy. Another example is chocolate mousse which also needs air for it to be airy and light. Drinks, in which air is supplied, are called aerated. Soft drink is also an example of a drink that contains air.

Common matter

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Air is something that surrounds us every day, and its uses seem to be so trivial, and there are still people who do not pay much attention to one crucial thing: without air, our existence is doomed.

Uses of air pressure

The air helps in reducing friction in the tires: the cars are another thing where the importance of air is evident since car tires are filled with air in rubber tubes. With the development of technology, we have self-closing tubes, tubeless tires, etc.

Air pressure

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However, these tires are not airless. This happens because the air inflates the tire and this helps to reduce friction. The reduction of friction allows the car to move easily.

As we can see, the air is one of the main things in our daily life. We will not be able to do anything without it, and we need air not only for breathing and life support. The air helps us to live in a comfortable environment and a stable temperature.

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